Kelly Rowland Weighs In On Destiny's Child Reunion Rumors

'I'm really just having fun in my own space,' says the singer, who's preparing a new solo album.

On Wednesday, Matthew Knowles essentially put a stake through the heart of the Destiny's Child reunion rumors. He released a statement quashing any possibility that Beyoncé, [artist id="1231569"]Kelly Rowland[/artist] and [artist id="1228478"]Michelle Williams[/artist] would get their group back together since disbanding in 2005. For her part, Rowland, who is about to drop a solo album after releasing her single "Commander," is perfectly fine with remaining on her own.

"I just released 'Commander.' I'm about to release a record, and I'm really just having fun in my own space," she told MTV News. Still, she admitted that she never gets tired of being asked about it. "Destiny's Child is a such a huge part of me. And Beyoncé and Michelle are such a huge part of me. We're sisters, and I don't expect anyone not to ask that question."

Rowland's former bandmates have been incredibly supportive of all her new music, which includes a little help from David Guetta. "Michelle hits me probably every other day telling me how much she loves 'Commander,' and I played her 'Haters,' and she loved 'Haters,' " she said. "I mean it's really cool to hear their reactions. They've been so supportive. I remember playing 'When Love Takes Over' for B, and her jumping on her bed as we were listening to it. So it's fantastic to have that support."

So, could that support from B and Michelle ever come in the form of guest appearances on her solo work? "You know what? Anything can happen!" she said of that kind de facto reunion. "As of right now, there is no Destiny's Child collaboration."

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