Rick Ross Reveals Why He Wrote A Song About MC Hammer

'I always loved MC Hammer, what Hammer brought to the game,' Ross tells Mixtape Daily.

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Last week MC Hammer told us he was in love with Rick Ross' new song "MC Hammer," from The Albert Anastasia EP.

"Bi---, I'm MC Hammer, I'm about cream," Ross raps on the track. "I got 30 cars/ A whole lot of dancers, I take 'em everywhere/ I'm MC Hammer."

"I just was reflecting on certain parallels of lifestyles," Ross told us last week during the taping of "VH1 Hip Hop Honors." "I always loved MC Hammer, what Hammer brought to the game, the energy. When I was young, Hammer had the females and the dudes, then he was rocking with Deion Sanders. Everything Hammer brought to the table, his lifestyle. I just kinda put a spin on it and put it into a record. I know he enjoyed it. Most definitely, he enjoyed it."

"Arguably, right now, he's the hottest cat in he game with his flow," Hammer told us of Ross. "That dude is spitting fire. For a cat at this point in his career — on this level, with his skill set — to have a song named 'MC Hammer' and do it the way he done it, you can't do nothing but feel good about that. What else can you do but feel good about that?"

"MC Hammer" has been incorporated into Ross' live shows, as has "Blowin' Money Fast (B.M.F.)."

"That was the anthem of Memorial Day weekend," Ross said of "B.M.F." "Really, I'm just saluting some fallen soldiers that's no longer here with us in the physical. I'm just letting them know that the impact they left on our generation will last a lifetime. Salute to all the G's that's no longer here with us. You know what it is, but we still reppin'."

Ross played a major part in the "Hip Hop Honors," which premiered Monday night on VH1. He and DJ Khaled broke out the fur coats for a performance of "Super High." The Albert Anastasia EP is out now. Meanwhile, Ross' Teflon Don album has a new release date of July 20.

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