3OH!3's 'My First Kiss' Video Premieres -- Watch It Here!

The electro-punk duo (and Ke$ha) smooch subtlety goodbye in eye-popping new clip.

Subtlety has never really been 3OH!3's strong suit.

Previous hits like "Starstrukk" and "Don't Trust Me" were unabashed odes to excess and rather wanton stupidity. "House Party," the sort-of first single off their upcoming Streets of Gold album, is about, well, throwing an awesome house party. And "My First Kiss," the proper first single from Gold, is also in keeping with that titling tradition: It's a song about kissing.

Fittingly, it has a rather eye-popping, over-the-top video, one that features a whole lot of folks smooching (geriatrics, punks, teachers, sailors, soldiers, lesbians, nerds and hirsute rockers, to name a few), some really bright colors, the occasional close-up of a pair of lips and not much else. Oh, and Ke$ha — she's in it too. The duo behind 3OH!3 bounce around and throw punches at the camera. Sean Foreman shouts about kisses that get him drunk like whiskey and, at one point, rhymes "candy" with "panties."

Like we said, these aren't the subtlest dudes in the world.

Still, like pretty much everything 3OH!3 do, there's an undeniable charm to both the song and the video. Perhaps it's the power-tool chorus, or the "ooh-ooh-ooh" vocal harmonies. Maybe it's Ke$ha's sexy sass. Or maybe I just like watching a whole bunch of people lock lips. The whole thing is a lot of fun. It gets in your head. And hey, it's the summer — school's out, and gleefully stupid is in.

So, while concepts like "restraint" might not be in their wheelhouse, 3OH!3 are pretty great when it comes to making outrageous, hormonally charged pop. And "My First Kiss" is more of that. Subtle? No. Smart? Most definitely.

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