Justin Bieber Gets Disrespect From Jeremy Renner In MTV Movie Awards Promo

Aziz Ansari tells Renner, 'That's Justin Bieber, bro! People don't talk back to him!'

Although his romantic movie date with Kristen Bell didn't go so well, 2010 MTV Movie Awards host Aziz Ansari is giving "The Hurt Locker" another shot alongside teen sensation Justin Bieber.

In a new promo for the June 6 awards show, Ansari and Bieber saddle up with some soda cans and potato chips to watch the critically acclaimed war movie in 4-D — a viewing experience that brings actor Jeremy Renner's bomb-disposal efforts straight out of the screen and right into the living room. But as Ansari begins gleefully cheering and Bieber starts eating his snacks too loudly during one particularly intense sequence, a visibly frustrated Renner loses his cool.

"Relax on the chips there, cowboy," Renner warns Bieber, prompting a startled Ansari to issue a warning of his own: "That's Justin Bieber, bro! People don't talk back to him!"

Renner tells Ansari that he doesn't know who Justin Bieber is, and frankly, he doesn't care — not when there are deadly improvised explosive devices waiting to be disarmed. But Renner's cell phone betrays those claims once it starts ringing for the whole room to hear — playing none other than "Baby," Bieber's chart-topping single.

"You know exactly who Justin Bieber is!" an angry Ansari exclaims as he leaps out of his chair. "And you just disrespected him!"

As Ansari fumes like a freshly detonated bomb, Bieber keeps his rage in check with one last potato chip — a snack he eats while keeping his eyes firmly locked on the disrespectful Renner. Clearly, disrespecting Bieber is an act of insubordination!

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