Tony Yayo Says He's 'Definitely A Bad Guy' In 'S.W.A.T. 2'

'Having a guy like 50 Cent as a friend is a big advantage,' he says of G-Unit honcho helping him land part.

Tony Yayo says he will be billed as "Tony Yayo" not Marvin Bernard, his government name, when the credits roll on his feature film debut. The most energetic member of the G-Unit will get his shot at the big screen come 2011, when "S.W.A.T.: Fire Fight" hits theaters.

"My part got edited [out]," Yayo laughed about his cameo in 50 Cent's 90-minute film "Before I Self Destruct." "I ain't mad at you, 50. Having a guy like 50 Cent as a friend is a big advantage."

Fif recently put in the call to director Benny Boom, so that his close friend could get a look in the sequel to 2003's "S.W.A.T."

"Shout out to 50, shout out to Benny Boom," Yayo said last week during a visit to the MTV offices. "Shout out to my man Lucky. I just feel fortunate. 50 is in the movie world. They're doing their thing in Hollywood with Cheetah Vision [Films]. They just shot a movie called 'The Gun.' Then he just shot another movie that was in Grand Rapids, [Michigan]. He did four movies since I did my movie. It was an honor to be in 'S.W.A.T. 2'. L.L. was in the first one. Samuel Jackson, Colin Farrell — a lot of big names was in 'S.W.A.T. 1'. So me being in 'S.W.A.T. 2' is crazy.

"It's a lot of big name stars in it," Yayo added about "S.W.A.T.: Fire Fight." Kevin Phillips, he played in the Biggie movie ["Notorious"]. Shannon Kane, she just played in "Brooklyn's Finest." And Robert Patrick — I got a chance to meet him. I'm a big "Terminator" fan. And it is directed by Benny boom. It was cool."

Yayo plays a member of a band of criminals led by Patrick.

"I'm just a bad guy. I'm from the streets, and I do what bad guys do. I play Carlos," he explained. "I'm definitely a bad guy. I don't have a problem playing a bad guy, 'cause everybody looks at me as that anyway. It was real easy. ... It's going to be a lot of shooting and stuff in the movie, it's great. There's real S.W.A.T. in the movie and they real S.W.A.T.," Yayo said of the special law enforcement team members who served as on-set technical advisers.

"I met this guy, I forget his name, he's the head S.W.A.T. guy for Detroit. He's directing the actors on what to do. It's S.W.A.T. in [the film who] obviously know what to do. It's amazing to meet real S.W.A.T. They are really in the movie. It gets crazy in the movie!"

Yayo said he has discovered a new love in acting, but music isn't going to take a backseat. His second LP, tentatively titled Godfather of the Ghetto, is slated for release later this year, and he just put out the 50 Cent-featured "Pass the Patrón."

"It feels good. 50 told me when we got dropped [from Interscope Records], 'Yo, I know what I'm doing,' " Yayo recalled. "I dropped "Pass the Patrón," and [Hot 97 DJ] Funkmaster Flex started dropping bombs on it. It's a big record. It's produced by Punch, the same guy that produced "So Seductive." The song is two years old, Yayo revealed, but added, "It's summertime and it has the feel of a club banger."

Yayo starts on 50's the Invitation Tour on May 28 in Cleveland.

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