Simon Monjack Due For Heart Bypass Before Death

Brittany Murphy's widower died Sunday night; Murphy's brother has no sympathy for him.

After suffering a series of health setbacks, Simon Monjack was slated to have heart-bypass surgery in September. But the husband of late actress Brittany Murphy had reportedly put off the procedure because he was too busy.

A spokesperson for the Simon, Sharon and Brittany Murphy Foundation told People magazine that Monjack, who was found dead in the Hollywood home he shared with Murphy and her mother, Sharon, on Sunday night, was aware of the severity of his condition.

"Simon needed a [heart] bypass," spokesperson Roger Neal said. "I was told he needed a bypass, and I said to him, 'Simon, you have so much going on, let's keep you healthy.' I said, 'You want to be healthy. Don't you?' He said yes, but he said, 'The bypass can wait.' "

Neal said it was unclear how serious Monjack's condition was, suspecting that if doctors had considered it life-threatening, they probably would have made him get the procedure immediately. "Sharon confirmed with me he did need a bypass," Neal said. "They didn't make it public, because he had so much going on."

At the time of his death, Monjack was reportedly planning a European trip with Sharon Murphy and helping arrange a gala to launch the Brittany Murphy Foundation in September.

In January, Monjack's mother, Linda, told the magazine that her son was "unwell" and that he'd suffered a "slight heart attack" the week before Murphy's death in December. The sometime screenwriter told People in February that he'd survived a bout of oral cancer, which his mother said she had no knowledge of, and he also said that anti-seizure medication found at the scene of Murphy's death was his but did not elaborate on what he needed the prescription for.

Though a cause of death has not yet been determined, officials believe he died of natural causes. There have been reports that Monjack may have suffered cardiac arrest before Sharon Murphy called 911 on Sunday night. "We're not sure if it is natural causes or a possible accident," said L.A. Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter, "maybe because of the prescription medication found there."

Neal said if there were prescriptions found near Monjack's body, people should not assume an overdose. "If he had prescription medication, I believe that's all it was," Neal said. "I don't believe he had an overdose ... As far as empty bottles, I don't know anything about that. If you have a heart condition, you're going to have prescription medication for yourself. You're going to be on some kind of medicine."

One person who was not fretting over Monjack's sudden death is Murphy's brother, Tony Bertolotti, who clearly was not fond of the British screenwriter.

"I didn't have a reaction to the news. The guy was insane. He tried to keep my father's name off [Murphy's] death certificate," Bertolotti told on Monday (May 24). "When I told my dad, Angelo, about the news, he felt he same way. We are sad for my sister — not for him."

Bertolotti said he wasn't shocked to hear the news, which came five months after his sister died in the same house. "That's two out of three people that have died living in that house within six months," he said. "When are people going to open their eyes about what was going on there? ... Our family thinks that this thing will still blow up and that the truth will eventually come out about our sister. ... At this time, we have no sympathy for her mother, as she went along with what Simon Monjack wanted. Our thoughts and prayers are for Brittany Murphy."