Lindsay Lohan Ordered To Wear Alcohol-Monitoring Bracelet By Judge

Actress lost bid to ease the restrictions of her probation.

On Monday (May 24), a stern Superior Court judge warned troubled actress [artist id="1737245"]Lindsay Lohan[/artist] that she needs to keep on the straight and narrow if she wishes to avoid a return trip to jail. After Lohan missed her initial court date last week, claiming that her passport was stolen while she was attending the Cannes film festival in France, CBS News reported that a "somber and concerned" looking Lohan appeared in a Beverly Hills, California, courtroom and lost a bid to ease the restrictions of her probation.

Wearing a dark gray suit, Lohan appeared in court with her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, who told Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel that her client was scheduled to start filming a movie in Texas soon. The judge was not swayed and said the actress may have to delay the project, ordering Lohan to attach a SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet to her ankle that will require her to undergo mandatory drug testing every week in the Los Angeles area if she wishes to stay free on bail. Revel also set a probation-violation hearing for July 6 following Lohan's failure to attend last week's scheduled hearing.

In an interview with Hollywood TV published Monday, Lohan argued that she doesn't need jail or rehab, saying, "I don't see what reason I would go to prison for. I've been more than compliant with everything having to do with the court system." Though she has frequently been pictured partying until all hours of the morning, Lohan said she didn't think she needed to make a return trip to rehab. "I don't see why I would even have to do that," she said, "considering I've been in compliance with everything that occurs when you're in the court system for two DUIs."

According to TMZ, Lohan must begin wearing the SCRAM bracelet — which she wore in 2007 following her plea in the DUI cases — within 24 hours and attend all her scheduled alcohol education classes at least once a week.

If Revel determines that Lohan violated her probation by not attending her alcohol education classes as ordered, she could face a jail sentence of up to 180 days.