The-Dream Explains 'Make Up Bag,' Featuring T.I.

Hitmaker's latest single is from forthcoming LP, Love King.

When guys are in the doghouse with their girlfriends or wives, there are two ways to get themselves out: saying they're sorry, which will likely keep them in the doghouse a bit longer — or showing that they're sorry.

The-Dream's latest single, "Make Up Bag," embraces the latter strategy.

"The song itself originated from just trying to find a great make-up gift," The-Dream explained to MTV News from the Los Angeles set for the song's video. "Some people like cards, some girls like yachts and whatnot. But this particular girl that I'm talking about just likes bags — that's her thing, and that's what this song is about. I know everybody is saying, 'Well, I don't got five stacks for a make-up bag.' Well, maybe that's not actually what your girl likes anyway. It may be something else. It's just about trying to find what they like.

And if you got a real good girl she's not gonna let you spend $5,000 on a bag anyway."

The track, written by The-Dream and produced by his frequent collaborator Christopher "Tricky" Stewart," is slated to be the second single from the singer's forthcoming Love King, due this summer.

Fellow Atlanta native T.I. guests on the song, his first high-profile collaboration since the rapper's release from federal prison and a halfway house earlier this year.

The two artists have been locked down in the studio as of late; The-Dream told MTV News last month that he will appear on T.I.'s next album.

He described T.I. as being in the zone, when he discussed his slew of new material.

"Tip is in a zone, man," he said. "He's in one of those things. But me just being a lyric guy, what makes songs, I think, hits is when it comes from the heart and you really are saying something you mean. And you can feel it through the passion."

Next up, The-Dream will ready the clip for "Make Up Bag" and prepare for the release of his project, which he's hinted could be his last solo LP.

"It's the last album, period," he said in March. "I really would like it to be the last one if I could — in a perfect world.

"In the back of my mind, I'm thinking [how] a fighter fights," The-Dream continued. "You don't retire on top. [Michael] Jordan didn't retire on top. I'm not saying I'm the best [like him], but I'm the best at what I can do. And I can stop now and say, 'This album is pretty good.' "

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