Debi Nova Says New Album Luna Nueva Marks 'Rebirth'

'Sometimes it came in English, sometimes it came in Spanish,' singer says of her bilingual project out today.

Debi Nova has spent the majority of her musical career collaborating: She's lent her vocals and songwriting skills to the likes of Sean Paul, Mark Ronson, Ricky Martin and the Black Eyed Peas. But for Luna Nueva, her debut album out today, the 24-year-old Costa Rica native did it all on her own.

Nova, who moved Stateside when she was 17, is bilingual and highlights that throughout her new project, a mixed-genre collection that spans pop, reggaetón dance and Latin music. The singer also wrote all of the tracks.

"A good representation of what this project represents is a hybrid movement, or a mix, of English and Spanish. ... I played piano, guitar, and am really excited to put out a record at this moment in history, a record that's in two languages," she said when MTV News sat down with her earlier this year.

The first single off Luna, "Drummer Boy," is an uptempo pop track that combines synths and a Latin-inspired beat. Nova said she didn't strive to create a bilingual album, but rather, it evolved organically.

"I didn't plan it," she said. "You know, I really went into the studio with a blank canvas; I had no idea what I was going to do. I speak both languages, so I just let inspiration come in whatever shape, form it wanted to come, and sometimes it came in English, sometimes it came in Spanish, sometimes it came in both. ... So halfway through the album it was a deliberate thing. I wanted to make an album that represented that."

According to Nova, the album's title, Spanish for "new moon," speaks to her artistic growth. For fans wondering whether she drew any inspiration to a certain film of the same name, Nova was quick to quash that notion: "No, it's not about the vampires."

"When I decided to make this album in 2007, it was like a new cycle beginning for me, it was like a rebirth. The new moon in many different cultures marks the beginning of a cycle ... and I wanted to mark the beginning of a cycle."

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