3OH!3 Risked Mono, Braved Chatroulette For 'My First Kiss' Video

The duo were 'really dedicated to making this video,' Sean Foreman says of on-set kissing.

Earlier this week, we got the guys in [artist id="3068464"]3Oh!3[/artist] to explain the basic premise behind their tonsil-hockey-heavy video for "My First Kiss." It sounded like a pretty sweet deal — just randomly smooching a bunch of very pretty strangers — but, as is the case with a lot of good things, there was a downside.

"Honestly, there is a lot of kissing, there's a lot of lips. I think we all have mono after today, so we're all going to get tested. We probably should've been tested before," 3OH!3's Sean Foreman told MTV News on the set of the "Kiss" video. "It's been really fun. We're actually dealing with a lot of visual concepts and making a video that attacks the senses in all ways. Kind of like a kiss. ... See? [I] tied it all in right there."

Although filming the video was taxing, Foreman and his partner in crime, Nat Motte, actually had a blast making it: screwing around with the green screen (plenty of riffs on the "We're in ... Delaware" routine from "Wayne's World") and trying very hard to make all the kissing as real as possible, even if that meant burning the midnight oil.

"We're working as hard as we can. Who knows how long it will go?" Foreman laughed. "We're really dedicated to making this video."

That dedication extended to the casting process. As Foreman put it, the band "flew in some of the best lips in the world" for the video, but that was only after a rather exhaustive pre-production process, one that could have resulted in a very different kind of clip.

"We went on the Chatroulette and found the best lips," Foreman joked. "We didn't find a lot of lips at first, but eventually. ... The video almost ended up being completely different, but I'm glad we finally got the lips."

"We found a lot of something else," Motte added. "We probably only could've run [that version of the] video online."

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