Christina Aguilera Tells Oprah She Feels 'Superhuman' As A Mother

Xtina performs her new single, 'Not Myself Tonight,' at New York's Radio City Music Hall.

Christina Aguilera's comeback is well under way.

With a live performance slated in early June at the MTV Movie Awards, followed by the release of Bionic, her first studio album since 2006, it's shaping up to be a crazy couple of months for the pop star. On Friday (May 7), Xtina stopped by a live airing of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" at New York's Radio City Music Hall to chat about motherhood, charity work and her break from the music scene.

"I like to take time between records and just live life for a moment, just gather my thoughts, my inspiration, and figure out what the next record is going to be," she said. "I just take those moments to live life so I can be even more inspired as an artist."

Since her 2006 album, Back to Basics, Aguilera has moved into a new home, become a United Nations ambassador for world hunger and given birth to her first child, Max. As she told Oprah, having a son has helped to increase her own confidence in her body.

"I think as women, our bodies go through such amazing things, and we are superhuman," she said. "We give life, we give birth, we are our child's source of everything. Our bodies are not our own for a time period, and we givingly and willingly do so for our child. But then when we get them back, you feel that much stronger and that much better and more confident. Sure, I have a difference in my body than before, but I'm more confident in that."

After chatting with Oprah, Aguilera took the stage at Radio City to perform her new single, "Not Myself Tonight." In a haze of green laser lights and smoke, she appeared in a black one-piece, a long black trench coat and high black boots. Backed by a group of "Matrix"-esque dancers, Xtina stomped to and fro across the stage, at one point declaring: "This song is all about letting go and expressing yourself!"

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