'Iron Man 2' Director Jon Favreau Clarifies Olivia Munn's Role In Sequel

'No, no,' says director when asked if 'Attack of the Show!' host was originally cast as a superhero.

The first time we see Tony Stark in "Iron Man 2" is when he uncorks his head from his metallic suit and reveals himself to a screaming crowd.

He's arrived for Stark Expo 2010, an extravaganza of rock music, scantily clad dancers and the promotion of Stark Industries' motto, "Better Living Through Technology." Anyone who's anyone is at the Expo, set in a luminous, laser-light-filled version of Queens, New York.

And if you can't be there, well, you'd better be tuning in on the small screen. Bringing updates live from the scene is Chess Roberts, reporter extraordinaire and "Iron Man" comics character. Playing Roberts is "Attack of the Show!" host Olivia Munn, but that wasn't the role for which she was originally cast. So what was? Rumor has it that she was supposed to play a comic book character like Scarlet Witch or Wasp. Not so, director Jon Favreau told MTV News.

When asked if she was indeed slated to play a superhero, he responded simply, "No, no."

"She did a very funny comedic take on a girl that [Tony] was with at his birthday party," he explained. "She pops up again later in his bedroom. But the way the scene went down, that part of the movie didn't want to have comedy because it was starting to get a little bit serious and bump tonally. ... As a scene it was great, but when we put the whole movie together, that's one of the things that happens. It's happened to me many times as an actor, but we called her up and said, 'There's another thing that we're shooting now, we'd love to have you in the film.' "

So what exactly was the original role? Favreau didn't specify it, but we'll get to check it out eventually. "It's in the DVD extras," he said. "You'll see the scene."

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