Courtney Love Tries To Ignore Billy Corgan's 'Spazzing'

'I don't feel like having the rock-star fight,' she tells MTV News of Smashing Pumpkins frontman Twitter attack.

During her appearance earlier this week on the "Late Show With David Letterman," Courtney Love made it abundantly clear that she's a changed woman. Speaking frankly, Love opened up about her battles with drugs, her (very public) outbursts and her stints in rehab.

It would appear that, along with a brand-new Hole album — the snarling-yet-strangely sensitive Nobody's Daughter hit stores earlier this week — she also has a new outlook on life. As if to prove it, the singer is brushing aside online barbs lobbed at her by Billy Corgan.

See, on the same day she appeared on Letterman's show, Corgan — Love's onetime flame and frequent collaborator — launched an all-out Twitter attackon her. Corgan accused her of stealing songs he wrote, advised her to "go ... live off your husband's money" and, to top it all, brought into the fray Love's relationship with her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, of whom she lost guardianship earlier this year.

Had this happened just a year ago, Love probably would have raged mightily. Instead, she offered only a few, relatively demure Twitter replies and then moved on with her life. This is, after all, the new Courtney Love.

"I don't know what he's spazzing about. It's just so strange," Love told MTV News on Thursday (April 29). "I'm trying to just be Teflon about it. ... He did it last time [Love released an album, 2004's solo America's Sweetheart]. and it's nothing new, and it's not an accident, I think, that he did it on the day of release [of Nobody's Daughter]. And then he went after the kid, and it was like, 'Dude, man, that's creepy.' I just find that creepy.

"He's always been really obsessed with his place in the drama with Kurt [Cobain] and me, and yet, he doesn't really have a place," Love continued. "Even though I respect Billy sonically, and as a talent, Kurt didn't. So when he titled a record Pisces Iscariot in the '90s, it really cheesed me off. Because he was referring to his star sign and Kurt's star sign and that he had somehow had something to do with something in our marriage, when our marriage, for what it was — very short and brief — [it was] pretty flawless."

Although she appeared to be finished, Love paused for a second and then went on about Corgan. This time, she got a few jabs in. She is, after all, still Courtney Love. "I've never seen anyone so talented, so f---ing talented, blow their mojo [the way Corgan has]. Maybe it's because he has all the money. He got all the money. He is so rich. He's, like, Oprah-rich. ... He invested really well," she laughed.

"I can't really theorize on it, other than to say I don't understand. ... I don't know what his problem is, but when you bring in my kid, that just pisses me off. But I don't feel like having the rock-star fight. People are like, 'Watch Courtney and Billy fight!' No, I'm not fighting."

Not anymore, at least.

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