Eminem Says Recovery Will Not Have Skits

MC also tells Shade 45 about Recovery collaborators, including Dr. Dre, Boi-1da and Mobb Deep's Havoc.

[artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist] has said that when he opened up his planned album Relapse 2 to a variety of producers, he was inspired to not just change the direction of the LP, but rethink the project completely: He buried the Relapse sequel and started working on Recovery, which will be out on June 22.

"I kinda went back to the lab on that whole concept," Em told radio personality Angela Yee on her Shade 45 show "The Morning After," on Thursday (April 29). "As I started getting to work with different producers and sh--, the very sound changed and I kinda turned the corner."

Em rattled off an impressive array of trackmasters that he secured for Recovery, including Dr. Dre, DJ Khalil, Boi-1da — who produced the album's first single, "Not Afraid," which debuted Thursday — and Havoc from Mobb Deep.

"He sent me a couple of tracks," Em, a huge Mobb Deep fan, said of Havoc. "They were both cool, but one of them was that sh-- and I had to do something to it. I'm just happy I got to work with him."

Jim Jonsin (T.I., Lil Wayne) also worked on the LP. "He was open to ideas," Jonsin told Mixtape Daily. "He was real respectful to my craft. He let me do what I do. He asked me ideas on some of the lyrics. We had ideas for lyric changes. Certain words may or may not work on radio. We talked about that. He had a setup outside of the room to do production, but I'd rather be in the room where he was at, and he was cool with that. And I knocked out a couple of joints in there while he was in there with me. He was pretty open and he let me do my thing. He did his thing. It was a pretty good experience.

"We touched on something that I haven't done anything like that before," Jonsin added. "It's unique in a way for myself. It's a place I've been wanting to go, and I'm so happy he allowed it to go down. He played a huge part in the record. Without him on it, it's not the same. I don't wanna give up too much about what it is and what direction."

Slim Shady told Yee that Recovery is diverse and doesn't have a uniform sound.

"There's a variety of different things, different moods and things like that on there," he said of the LP. "There's not just one overall sound. It's a bunch of different sh--."

Another surprise Em dropped about the album: For the first time, he will not have any skits. The often-hilarious segments had become a hallmark of Slim Shady's albums.

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