'A House Is Not A Home,' 'One Less Bell To Answer' Turn 'Glee' Into A Tearjerker

Music director Adam Anders talks about last night's Kristin Chenoweth/ Matthew Morrison mash-up.

When Gleeks tuned in to Tuesday night's episode of "Glee," what they saw was the return of Broadway powerhouse Kristin Chenoweth's guilty pleasure April Rhodes. What Gleeks needed by night's end was a box of Kleenex. The night's musical performances were heartfelt covers and mash-ups that showcased Chenoweth, Amber Riley's newly Cheerio'd Mercedes, Chris Colfer's soulful Kurt and a lot of songs about home, thanks to "Glee" music producer Adam Anders.

"One of the most amazing moments in this episode is the duet between Matthew Morrison and Kristin Chenoweth, a mash-up between Burt Bacharach and [sung by] Barbra Streisand [of the 1971 Bacharach/ Hal David medley, 'One Less Bell to Answer'/ A House Is Not a Home']," Anders told MTV News at his recording studio in Hollywood. "It was shot as one scene that never breaks. It's stunning. I was blown away when I saw it and had chills and tears."

For Anders, whose production schedule requires him to work at a breakneck speed, churning out six to 11 musical numbers a week, this third episode of the back nine moved him the most out of all the episodes he's done so far.

While the episode started off on an upbeat note with a Bruce Springsteen cover of "Fire," sung again as a duet by Matthew Morrison's Will Schuester and relentless flirt April Rhodes, "Home" was not one to be taken lightly. Another tearjerker in the episode was Kurt's performance of Bacharach's "A House Is Not a Home." Anders called Colfer's rendition of the Bacharach staple "the most emotional song we've ever done."

And as for Kurt's pal Mercedes' moving rendition of Christina Aguilera's 2002 hit ballad "Beautiful," Anders said it almost didn't happen. "Amber Riley didn't want to sing it," he said. "Don't let her tell you otherwise. She really respects Christina Aguilera and wanted to do it justice. Like when she did 'And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going,' she was really nervous about it. But as everyone knows, she killed it."

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