Gang Starr's DJ Premier 'Salutes' Guru During Two-Hour Radio Show

DJ also questions Solar's claims about Guru's health during final weeks.

[artist id="98"]Gang Starr[/artist]'s [artist id="504156"]DJ Premier[/artist] took to the SiriusXM satellite airwaves over the weekend to salute Guru, his late partner in Gang Starr, during a lively tribute show that featured calls from original members of the group and Guru's nephew, and plenty of memories of the late rap star.

Preemo, who released a statement about Guru's passing late last week, was upbeat throughout his weekly two-hour radio show.

The producer shared his experience of visiting Guru in the hospital, recalling how taken aback he was at the sight of his sick friend. The anecdote, like many of the statements throughout the night, was coated with underhanded shots at Solar, the controversial figure who worked with Guru in recent years and took care of him in the rapper's last months.

"When I saw him, it really f---ed me up," Premier said during the show. "When I saw him, it was so ill to see — because from what I was hearing about him waking up and tweeting, there's no way [he could have done that]. He looked so gone.

"And on top of that, if you with him and you love him, why did his nails look longer than a ruler? And he had an afro. I've taken care of people in the hospital: you can wash their hair, clean their nails off, or clean their feet. His feet were swollen, his toenails were really disgusting, so because of that it really f---ed me up. I went in there and took the logo of my shirt off, rubbed it against his whole body, and then I told him a message from me about how much I loved him. We were for life and we'll always be for life. Then I kissed him on the face to let him know that I'm gonna miss him, because he looked like he was already gone."

Gang Starr, as a group, hadn't released a project together since 2003's The Ownerz. Premier and Guru reportedly were estranged at the time of the rapper's death. In Guru's last testament, a "farewell" letter released via Solar , the rapper allegedly directed some harsh words at his "former DJ."

Premier, however, declined to address the comments in the statement he released last week, saying he would cherish his memories of their time together and "never remove him from my heart and soul."

Premier praised Guru many times during the show, which he stressed was a "salute" to Guru's life and musical contributions and not a tribute to his untimely passing.

Premier also said that Guru's body had been cremated last week and the ashes returned to his father in Massachusetts.

Guru's nephew, Justin Elam Ruff, who first alerted fans to the divide between Solar and the Elam family via an emotional YouTube message, called in to thank fans for their support.

Big Suge, who appeared on Gang Starr records throughout the years, told the story about the group's formation. Originally, Suge wanted him and Guru, who then called himself "Keithy E.," to go by the name Gangster. But Guru suggested the two, along with Suge's DJ brother, tweak the name to have a positive slant — and thus the Gang Starr Foundation was born.

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