Dakota Fanning Introduces 'Eclipse' Trailer On 'Oprah'

On May 13, there will another 'Twilight'-themed 'Oprah Winfrey Show' episode featuring Kristen, Taylor and Robert.

While some lucky Chicago-based Twilighters got a chance to see Oprah Winfrey's dive into the world of teen vampires and werewolves on Friday morning (April 23), the rest of us had to wait until later in the afternoon. Now that "Oprah" has aired on the East Coast, we've gotten a chance to see the full show, which featured the debut of the "Eclipse" trailer and a chat with star Dakota Fanning.

"I think in five years from now, to say I was a part of this phenomenon will be really great," said the 16-year-old actress, fighting through a cold and raspy voice.

After being a huge fan of the books and the first movie, Fanning spoke about her wish to take on any role in the rest of the series. She ended up being cast as Volturi vampire Jane, a role that started in "New Moon" and continues in "Eclipse."

"I was just so honored that they wanted me to be a part of it," Fanning said. "And the character that they asked me to play, Jane, is just such a great character to play. She's kind of evil and the costumes are amazing and the makeup was amazing. To get to have the blood-red eyes was so cool and something I was really looking forward to."

Following their chat via satellite, Oprah said, "OK, here's the moment all you Twi-Hards have been waiting for," before having Fanning introduce the "Eclipse" trailer.

Highlighting the fight-filled action of the story, the footage gave us vampire-vs.-werewolf fights, the painful transformation of a human into a vampire and the emergence of a super creepy newborn-vampire army. Of course, it wouldn't be the "Twilight" universe if there weren't a healthy dose of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. There's also an extended look at Xavier Samuel as Riley, the villainous vampire who just may be the breakout star of "Eclipse" when it arrives in theaters on June 30.

More than a month before then, on May 13, "Oprah" will showcase another "Eclipse"-focused episode, this one featuring appearances by Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner.

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