'Eclipse' Trailer's Five Most Important Scenes

The moments we've been waiting for: from Riley and the newborns to an angsty Jacob in the snow.

The new "Eclipse" trailer has hit the Internet on Oprah.com more than four and a half hours earlier than those of us on the East Coast expected to see it, which means "Twilight" fans are likely to have watched it at least a dozen times already.

Unlike the first teaser, this trailer features many of the much-hyped "Eclipse" moments fans and the cast has been buzzing about for months: particularly scenes of the newborn vampires and the final battle. Everyone will end up having their favorite moments in the trailer, but here are the five scenes we think are key:

Riley Becomes a Vampire

The scene in which Riley (Xavier Samuel) gets attacked by Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) and turned into a vampire flashes by fairly quickly as Edward (Robert Pattinson) explains to Bella (Kristen Stewart) about the newborn army growing in Seattle. But these few seconds are interesting because they show that director David Slade's version of vampire transformation is more traditional, edgy and less comical than the way Catherine Hardwicke portrayed it in "Twilight." It's also nice to see that Slade will be showing the events in Seattle that were merely referred to from afar in the novel.

Newborn Vampires Revealed

The most direct threat to Bella and Edward in "Eclipse" (other than a certain werewolf trying to come between them) is Victoria and her army. Although the vengeful vamp was revealed as a threat in the first teaser, this is the first time her newborn vampires have been revealed on screen. The shots of them pillaging and ravaging Seattle are a nice contrast to the less-effective threats of James (Cam Gigandet), Laurent (Edi Gathegi) and Victoria over the past two films. The scene when they walk out of the water is particularly chilling.

The Werewolf Vs. Vampire Battle

Given all the hype the "Eclipse" castmembers have been building about the final battle sequence in the film, it's not surprising that it was included in this trailer. What is surprising is just how much of it was included, which means that it's sure to be a long and violent battle royale.

Bella's Engagement Ring

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, Bella's engagement ring was revealed in the first teaser trailer last month. Fortunately, this new trailer allows a little more time for fans to gawk over the massive ring Edward presents to Bella, even adding an extremely quick shot of Jacob (Taylor Lautner) angrily punching his work table, before we get sucked back into watching Victoria trying to escape from Edward.

Before and After the Tent Scene

It would have been asking too much for Slade to include shots from the actual human/vampire/werewolf sleepover in today's "Eclipse" trailer, but he was nice enough to include a couple moments of events surrounding the infamous tent scene. First Jacob is seen standing shirtless in the snowy mountains, having an angsty moment with Bella at 1:12 (before the tent scene). And then Edward and Bella are confronted by Victoria at 1:16 (after the tent scene). Fortunately, fans will be so distracted by all the other goodies in this trailer that they won't even notice until a few hundred views later ̵ or now that we pointed it out — what it was missing.

What's your favorite part of the new "Eclipse" trailer? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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