Jim Jones To Teach 'Music Business 101' To High-Schoolers

'Hopefully, the kids will come on out and get up and close with the music business,' he tells MTV News.

Come to this guy's class late — we dare ya. [artist id="1796387"]Jim Jones[/artist] will be giving some of his pearls of wisdom to 25 students for the next several weeks as he teaches a high school class.

Last month, Jones revealed to RapRadar.com that he was planning to teach a music-based high school course. On Thursday (April 22), it was announced that he will indeed be lecturing New York City high school students starting Tuesday.

"I was just talking in general," Jones told MTV News in March. "I always like to talk and inform people on what I'm trying to do. It went from telling a couple of bloggers to that being on Twitter to it being in the newspaper. I was like, 'Damn, I was trying to mention what I'm trying to do.'

"I'll be teaching ... once a week for eight weeks," Jones added. "Hopefully, the kids will come on out and get up and close with the music business from an executive point of view, from an artist point of view, from a label-owner point of view, from a marketing-genius point of view, from a video director's point of view, from a manger's point of view. Me, I'mma tell you all of that. You heard."

Jones' class will be called "Music Business 101" and will run, in fact, for six weeks. The class is in conjunction with an organization the Diplomat Capo helped found, the Entertainers 4 Education Alliance.

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