Young Jeezy 'Knocked Out' The '(Ha Ha) Slow Down' Hook, Fat Joe Says

'We was sitting there, vibing on the verses,' Jeezy tells Mixtape Daily of making the Darkside track.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Young Jeezy was always going to be on Fat Joe's The Darkside; he just wasn't always on deck for their club banger "(Ha Ha) Slow Down."

Jeezy had agreed to get on a record called "Dope Boys" for Joe, but when he got to the studio, DJ Khaled kept raving about the Scoop DeVille-produced "Slow Down." The Snowman asked to hear it.

"He played it for me one time," Jeezy, said on the song's video set in Harlem last week. "We was sitting there, vibing on the verses. I went in there and knocked out the hook."

"He knocked that hook out quick," Joe marveled. "I told him we were using that 'Slow down, son, you're killin' 'em,' then he started with that 'We came in this bi--- tonight to murder things. And we gonna leave this bi--- tonight a murder scene.' "

"Two seconds," Jeezy added his speed on the booth. "We in Harlem now. This is where it got us."

Joe's video takes the viewer into the party. "The video is going down movie-style, if the hip-hop police let us," Fat Joe said. "We in Harlem. We gonna touch that town. Me and Jeezy gonna have Puff surfin' on the 'hood of the Phantom Drop. That New York Diddy bop. Jeezy coming through with that A-Town stomp."

Speaking of Young, he said he's going to remain just that, refuting online reports that he dropped the first word of his moniker.

"Nah. I'm 'Young,' man," he declared. "I'mma stay Young till I ain't Young no more. I don't know why they trying to make me old. But this is 'Young Jizzle from the bottom of the map.' This is the name they gave me. I gotta rock till it's over with."

Young said his album Thug Motivation 103 is now slated for July, while Joe's The Darkside is on schedule for June 29. Meanwhile, Jeezy's Trap or Die 2: By Any Means Necessary mixtape is coming soon. Fat Joe is also contemplating a tape prior to his LP's release.

The Streets Is Talking: News And Notes From the Underground

Just because they sing doesn't mean that they don't want to feed the streets and Net. Look out for a wave of mixtapes by R&B singers. Bobby V just released a tape with DJ Drama called 60 Mins. Dram also has one in the cooker with The-Dream named #lovesessions.

Meanwhile, So So Def newbie Dondria is planning to follow up her Dondria Duets with a sequel in the near future; DJ Envy hosted the original. Queens' Super Star Jay is in the lab with one of our all-time favorites, Faith Evans. Faith already dropped a freestyle to Snoop Dogg's "I Wanna Rock" beat last week. We hear Trey Songz may be dropping another tape as well, and we know for sure former G-Unit princess Olivia has Under the Radar coming this weekend.

Last but not least, sexy singer Shanell is stepping into the forefront with her recent release Shut Up and Listen. The girl can sing!

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