Diplomats Are 'Getting Back On Track,' Jim Jones And Cam'ron Say

'If it makes sense, it can happen,' Cam says of getting the Dipset back together.

The Diplomats were a staple of New York hip-hop for much of the past decade. The group, formed by Cam'ron and Jim Jones, rose to prominence with the release of Cam's third album, Come Home With Me, and continued their momentum with the constant barrage of mixtapes, two compilation albums and various solo projects.

The collective, also known as the Dipset, hit a rocky patch in late 2007 after disagreements between Cam'ron and Jones. The various parties went their separate ways, due to what seemed like irreconcilable differences.

But a reunion looks to be on the horizon. Cam'ron and Jones phoned Miss Info last week to talk about their current relationship.

"It's 2010, and this is something I gotta get off my chest. ... You've known us from back when we didn't have what we have now, so you remember, that above all, me and Cam, we still brothers," Jones said. "And we're building on getting back on track, but first, I apologize for being a rude brother, for saying things publicly without first trying to handle them privately. I apologize for not leading by example, because what I didn't realize at the time, I was venting, but it wasn't all about me. There were other people whose dreams were also part of this movement."

Jones said his emotions got in the way of the group's business and messed things up. He apologized for airing grievances publicly before discussing them privately. He also said that he, Cam'ron and Juelz were all successful and blessed, but the other Dipset members were not as fortunate.

"We had this luxurious life, but the rest of the family, they had a slowdown because of the ball I started rolling," Jones said. "I'd be pissed at me too."

He said God works in mysterious ways, and that since their breakup, they have grown as individual artists. He needed to clear his conscience before they worked on building a bigger and better movement, Jones said.

Cam'ron said there isn't any Dipset music for fans just yet, since they all had their own obligations.

"I have this Boss of All Bosses Pt. 2.5 mixtape with Vado and DJ Drama dropping soon," Cam said. "But yes, me and Jim have been speaking, we're working out the mechanics of this and looking at our options right now. If it makes sense, it can happen."

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