Samuel L. Jackson's 'Iron Man 2' Character Kills Somebody -- But When?

Actor reveals that Nick Fury will 'shoot somebody' at some point.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — If your grandparents were hip enough to read comic books back in the day, they'll remember "Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." as the leader of an elite U.S. Army unit. Children of the '80s, meanwhile, might remember Fury as a cigar-chomping David Hasselhoff. Now, Samuel L. Jackson is ready to fully unveil his take on the character in several high-profile films — and he insists this is not your father's Nick Fury.

"Nick does boss people around," Jackson said of his character, who was glimpsed in "Iron Man," will appear in May 7's "Iron Man 2" and is slated to feature in as many as seven more Marvel films from "Captain America" to "The Avengers" and more. "But every now and then, he does kill somebody."

That's an intriguing statement for Marvel movie fans, as it sheds some light on whether Jackson's character will manage the action from afar or get his hands dirty alongside the rest of the Avengers. "[He will] shoot somebody," Jackson said of his take on the character. "I'd like for him to do something eventually."

Granted, the "eventually" part of that statement seems to indicate that we won't be seeing Fury brandish his weapons in "Iron Man 2" but that Jackson plans to do it farther down the line. "I'm totally looking forward to finally getting Nick Fury into action," the actor said.

Jackson told us that he's eager to shoot "Avengers" and believes he'll be needed on that set "like next February." But it seems like it would be difficult to pull off any major action scenes with an eye-patch messing up your depth of perception, doesn't it?

"Actually, it's not. It's kind of easy," explained Jackson, who will show off his range on May 7 by also opening the intimate drama "Mother and Child" alongside Naomi Watts and Annette Bening.

"[Nick Fury's eye patch] is easier than the cloudy contact lenses that I wear in the 'xXx' [films]," Jackson said of his hindered vision in the Vin Diesel franchise that he'll return to later this year. "You can actually open your eye under the patch and kind of see things.

"When that cloudy contact lens is in, you really can't see anything, and it does kind of occlude," Jackson explained, revealing that when we see "Iron Man 2," it might be interesting to look for evidence that his "action"-packed Nick Fury is sneaking a peek every now and then. "Patches are easy."

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