Andrew Garcia Says 'American Idol' Judges Were 'Really Hard' This Year

'Idol' castoff also insists he's not boring: 'If they hung out with me, they'll love me.'

Andrew Garcia just couldn't get past his Hollywood Week performance of ... do we even need to remind you which song by a former "American Idol" judge he covered?

His uninspired performance of Elvis' "Hound Dog" was the last straw, and he was sent packing, along with Katie Stevens, during Wednesday's results show.

We caught up with the acoustic crooner on Thursday (April 15) to talk about his "Straight Up" albatross, his bromance with Lee Dewyze and much more.

Q: You had a lot of hype going into the semifinals after your take on Paula Abdul's "Straight Up." Do you think your early fans were disappointed with the direction you went once the live shows started?

A: I felt super excited coming into the top 24, and I don't feel like I let my fans down at all. My fans are just so amazing, and they get me, and that's all that matters. I know I didn't let them down, and they know I didn't let them down.

Q: After weeks of bad reviews, were you surprised that the judges loved your take on Chris Brown's "Forever" during R&B week?

A: I kind of knew it was gonna be a good night, just because I'm a guy who does current music and puts my acoustic twist on it. And I saw that song, and I was like, "Man, I gotta do something with that song. It's current and my feel too." I'm a kind of R&B/pop kind of guy. I put my twist on it, and I felt it 100 percent. I was just like, "You know what? I know the fans and supporters are gonna love it." And I went out there, confident, and it showed. And [the judges] loved it.

Q: Simon often got on your case for being boring, and mentor Adam Lambert even said you needed to liven things up. Why do you think your personality didn't translate into your performances?

A: Well, onstage, I was focused more on just performing. They're talking about personality; they don't really hang out with me, so they can't really talk about someone's personality if they're not trying to hang out with me. If they hung out with me, they'll love me. Guarantee.

Q: After Michael Lynche was given a second chance, were you disappointed or relieved that the judges' save wasn't on the table for you this week?

A: At that point, I was just happy with where I was at and how far I'd gotten. And the save, they couldn't have did a better save. Michael Lynche, that guy is a warrior, and I love that guy.

Q: Do you think this year's judging panel was harder on the contestants than last year's?

A: I felt like it was harder, just 'cause they were being really hard this year. I don't know why, but they're being really, really, really hard on the judging.

Q: Ryan Seacrest was especially wacky this week, even slow dancing in the aisle during Tim Urban's performance. What were you thinking when you saw his behavior?

A: I was like, "Ryan has lost his mind." But I love the guy. He works a lot, so he has the right to get a little coffee in him now and then.

Q: What brought you and Lee together as friends?

A: We find ourselves doing the same thing at the same time, and it's just really weird. Like, "What the heck?" We look at each other, and we're like, "Dude, we're meant to be!"

Q: Will you be rooting for Lee at future shows?

A: I will for sure go to the shows and cheer him on. That's my brother for life.

Were you sad to see Andrew go? Are you excited to hear his post-"Idol" music? Let us know in the comments below!

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