Wiz Khalifa's Kush And Orange Juice Hits Big On The Internet

MC's latest mixtape remains a trending topic on Twitter.

Wiz Khalifa is winning right now. Khalifa released his newest mixtape Kush and Orange Juice via his Twitter page on Wednesday (April 14) and the Internet paid attention. Twitter's list of trending topics included #KushandOrangeJuice and the amount of fans searching for the mixtape also put it on the list of Google trends.

Hype for the mixtape actually started to build Tuesday night on Twitter, when Khalifa tweeted to his fans, "Yo Taylors, #Kushandorangejuice drops tomorrow for ur waken & baken pleasures." He teased about the mixtape for most of the night and once it was released Wednesday morning, a frenzy followed.

The mixtape's cover pays homage to David Ruffin's 1980 Gentleman Ruffin album, and the tape features various samples as well as Khalifa rapping over Loose Ends' "Hangin' on a String" on "The Kid Frankie."

This seems to be another step in the right direction for Wiz Khalifa, whose popularity has skyrocketed since he left his label Warner Bros. in July 2009. He has since released three well-received mixtapes, Burn After Rolling, How High (a collaborative effort with Curren$y) and Kush and Orange Juice, as well as an indepedent album, Deal or No Deal. He's also seen his fanbase grow on Twitter and was featured as one of XXL's 2010 Freshmen 10. When MTV News caught up Khalifa at the Freshmen 10 photo shoot, he attributed his success to hard work — and his fans.

"Just staying in the studio, always working, always putting out mixtapes, material for people to listen to, capitalizing off of whatever I do. If something does well, you got to keep going after that. You can't get comfortable after that and think that's it. So just constantly working and reinventing myself, making smart moves — and having great fans."

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