'Eclipse' Re-Shoots Explained By Studio

Summit Entertainment rep says 'very little' had to be re-shot for the third film in the 'Twilight' franchise.

Early Wednesday, reports of "Eclipse" re-shoots had Twilighters running around like Chicken Little, concerned that the sky may be falling on their beloved Edward and Bella. Later in the day, the studio responded to the rumors.

"The re-shoot was planned for months, like it is with the majority of films," a studio representative told the Web site Gossip Cop on Wednesday afternoon, downplaying the severity of the additional scenes while conceding that they were indeed scheduled to occur — often a bad sign with a feature film only two months from release. A rep for the studio confirmed the Gossip Cop statement to MTV News.

"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"

Adding that "very little" actually needs to be re-shot, the studio rep then went on to tell the site that the scenes will not involve key moments between Edward and Bella, nor the much-anticipated epic battles. "None of the meadow or action scenes are being re-shot," explained the source while simultaneously shooting down rumors that director David Slade was encountering artistic differences with the studio.

The rep insisted that the studio is "very happy" with Slade's work, a stance that seems affirmed by the fact that he'll be overseeing the re-shoots, scheduled to occur during two to three days. "Reports much like the one earlier today are ploys to drive traffic without any merit," the source told the site. "And without any support from the studio on what is actually going on or true."

Originally reported by a site Lainey Gossip, the news of re-shoots sent shock waves throughout the "Twilight" community, particularly because of its insistence that Slade and Summit had fallen out to the point where the studio was looking to bring back past series filmmakers Chris Weitz and Catherine Hardwicke. Whatever the truth may be, all indications are that the third "Twilight Saga" film plans to honor its June 30 release date.

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