Trae Tha Truth Makes A 'Motion Picture' With Lil Wayne And Rick Ross

Trae tells Mixtape Daily that 'Inkredible' 'gives you the very feel of an old 1956 horror movie.'

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Before beginning his interview, Trae Tha Truth said there was one statement he had to make: "Free Weezy!" Aside from Lil Wayne's current jail time, Trae also told us about his just-released video for "Inkredible," with guest stars Weezy and Rick Ross.

"I shot with him the week of the Super Bowl," Trae said of his collabo, on the phone from Mexico. "I went to Miami to kick it with [Wayne] and the Young Money family for, like, a week. He was getting a lot of work done. We had shot it then, but I stayed out there on some brotherly support to just kick it with him before he went to jail. We was out there just chillin'. It was crazy, man. We got there and we had fun. Wayne was the last part we did of the video. We did Ross first, then Wayne. When you get [me and Wayne] in that atmosphere, we always have fun. We did the same thing during [the studio session for] 'Screwed Up' [from the 2007 Life Goes On LP]. We never shot the video for 'Screwed Up,' but when you get around family, it's always the same thing.

"Me and Rick Ross got so much stuff," he added about his affinity for the Bawse. "We actually got another two or three videos coming. We got a lot of stuff with me and Ross in the works. I was with Ross the other day. I think it's natural. We don't go in the studio trying to do stuff for other people. We do what we do best. We always do what fits us. 'Inkredible' came, that was one of the last few songs on my album. Me and Ross already had records on my upcoming album Tha Truth. Me and Wayne already had records on the album, but I had a certain situation going on with some political stuff. So we doubled-back and came with a record you really couldn't deny."

Trae has had an ongoing feud with KBXX 97.9 the Box in Houston, and they don't play his records.

"They still don't play me," he said. "But you come to Houston, I'm the biggest thing in the streets, man. Then with the support of y'all, MTV Jams viewers hit me every hour on the hour. So it's all good."

Tha Truth said his new single is cinematic.

" 'Inkredible' is more like a motion picture," he explained. "I know a lot of people say 'movie this, movie that,' but it's more like a motion picture. Soon as the track comes on — it was produced by Inkredible — it gives you the very feel of an old 1956 horror movie or one of those films. We wanted to do something different, so we brought three different artists to the record. What we did differently, the record has no hook. Say you in suspense and it's that moment of the movie when you hear a clock ticking or a heartbeat. That explains what happens with 'Inkredible.' You got me coming first as the suspense builds. Outta nowhere, Wayne jumps in. Then outta nowhere again, Ross jumps in. When you see the video, you'll understand."

Tha Truth comes out later this summer. Ludacris, Jadakiss, the Game, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, Ross, Wayne, Plies, Scarface and Gorilla Zoe all make appearances.

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