Justin Bieber Thanks Fans For Making Him A Twitter Trend

'My fans have made me a trending topic every day,' Bieber says.

[artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] loves his fans. He's pretty open about his adoration for the people that made him the star he is today, launching him from YouTube sensation to household name and chart-topping megastar. And the 16-year-old is particularly appreciative of their use of a certain social-networking site to keep him on top.

"They make me a trending topic on Twitter every day," Bieber told MTV News. "It's pretty incredible. My fans have made me a trending topic every day. I don't think there's been a day in the past month that I haven't. So, it's pretty incredible.

"I love Twitter," Bieber added. He finds tweeting the perfect way to share his comings and goings and to communicate directly with a few lucky girls whenever possible. "For sure I use it for being able to interact with my fans as well as promote stuff."

So, how does Bieber decide which followers to reply to or retweet? "It just depends. It's kind of, like, it's random," he said. "It's not really anyone specifically. It's just kind of a random thing."

But whoever he chooses, Bieber says they are always surprised. "They're like, 'I never thought you were gonna respond.' And I say, 'You thought wrong.' "

MTV News will be rolling out highlights from our exclusive sit-down with Justin Bieber all week!

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