Ashley Greene Previews 'Incredible' Footage From 'Eclipse'

'The whole fight sequence that I've seen really looks amazing,' she teases of the next 'Twilight' film.

SAUGUS, California — These days, there are people who would gladly name their first-born child Renesmee if given the opportunity to see June 30's "Eclipse" two months early. Granted, Ashley Greene has connections that give her a level of access no normal Twilighter could achieve — but recently, she saw a chunk of David Slade's upcoming film and couldn't help geeking out like any other Stephenie Meyer fan.

"I'm so excited about it!" Greene told us recently when we visited her on the set of "The Apparition," a supernatural thriller that marks her first starring role.

In mid-March, Ashley was called in for "automated dialogue replacement," a process used by movies in post-production to have actors dub in lines that need to be tweaked or added to the finished film. In order to do so, actors are typically shown the completed footage so they can time their line readings correctly.

"A month ago, I got together with David Slade and we did the whole ADR thing," Greene recalled. "And every time I'm in ADR, I'm like, 'Why don't you just roll the scene? I just need to see the whole scene.' "

Naturally, we're guessing any good Twilighter would do the same. As a result of Ashley's "thorough" approach to ADR work, she was among the first to enjoy some soon-to-be-classic "Eclipse" goodies.

"I got to see a lot of footage from it," Ashley said. "And it looks really amazing.

"For one, the werewolves just look incredible in this one," Greene said, adding that the beastly transformations of Jacob Black and his buddies are much improved over their "Breaking Dawn" manifestations. "They looked good in the last one, but of course we're always trying to outdo ourselves, and so they look really incredible.

"Then, the whole fight sequence that I've seen really looks amazing," Greene said of another of her favorite moments in the film, which is expected to bring more action and blood than any of the previous "Twilight" movies. "We worked our tails off for it."

Singling out one more moment, she added: "I definitely think there is one scene in particular between Jackson [Rathbone]'s character Jasper and my character Alice that I think everyone is going to like."

With just over two months left before the eagerly anticipated film's release, Ashley left her "Twilight" fans with some encouraging words: "I don't think anyone will be disappointed."

Does Ashley have you excited for "Eclipse"? Let us know what you're most looking forward to from the movie in the comments!

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