Ashley Greene Gives Her Thoughts On Possible 'Breaking Dawn' Directors

'I think we'd be very happy with all of them,' she says of the roster.

SAUGUS, California — Less than a month after Kristen Stewart confirmed to us the three leading candidates to direct "Breaking Dawn," word has leaked that "Dreamgirls" filmmaker Bill Condon may have emerged as Summit Entertainment's top choice for the final "Twilight" tale.

As Twilighters continue to hold their breath in anticipation of a big announcement likely to come soon, we spoke with another Stephenie Meyer fan who has a more personal stake in the decision: The lovely and talented Ashley Greene. Hard at work these days filming her first starring role in the supernatural thriller "The Apparition," the woman sometimes known as Alice Cullen took a break from shooting to give us her breakdown of the big three "Breaking Dawn" candidates.

"They didn't get to where they are by making mediocre, boring films," Ashley said of her excitement over the names. "I think they would all bring incredible elements to the films, and that's what I think we've been doing the whole time. You've seen such a difference between Catherine [Hardwicke], and then we went to Chris Weitz and then David Slade, and it's progressively getting a little darker.

"They are all incredible directors," she added. "I think we'd be very happy with all of them."

Gus Van Sant: "I became excited about Gus Van Sant not too long ago, because I was reading a script that Bryce Dallas Howard was actually producing [with him called 'Restless']; she was talking to me a little bit about him and the film as a whole," Ashley said of the avant-garde filmmaker behind everything from blockbusters ("Good Will Hunting") to bizarre indie flicks ("My Own Private Idaho"). "I think Gus Van Sant would be pretty amazing."

Sofia Coppola: "In ['Breaking Dawn'] in particular, there's this whole thing about Bella finally just getting to be with Edward and her going through pregnancy and her having a child, and it's a lot of stuff from a female point of view," explained Greene, saying that the "Lost in Translation" filmmaker could inject a welcome return to feminism unseen since Hardwicke left the franchise. "I definitely think that would be kind of cool."

Bill Condon: "I haven't seen ['Gods and Monsters'] ... I actually haven't seen 'Dreamgirls' either," Greene sheepishly admitted of Condon's 1998 and 2006 Oscar-winning masterpieces, joking nonetheless that if he wanted to add some song-and-dance numbers to "Breaking Dawn," she wouldn't complain. "I wouldn't mind; I think if he were to direct, I'd be right there in his ear going, 'So you know, I used to dance and I can sing.' I definitely wouldn't mind doing a musical. It's one of the things I definitely plan on doing [in my film career]."

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