3OH!3 Prepare Fans For Another Ke$ha Collaboration

'First Kiss,' the duo's song with 'rad' pal Ke$ha, will appear on their upcoming album.

3OH!3 helped Ke$ha teach boys lessons on her hit [video id="487452"]"Blah Blah Blah."[/video] And she's returning the favor on the guys' next album, Streets of Gold. "First Kiss" was recorded before Ke$ha stormed the charts with "Blah," and it was actually the backdrop for the first meeting between the party-loving singer and the similarly celebration-happy duo.

3OH!3's Sean Foreman recalled how he and bandmate Nathaniel Motte were first introduced to the "Tik Tok" singer.

"We were working with our buddy Benny Blanco and Dr. Luke [on 'Kiss'], and we had a line for the song. It's kind of a call and response, and Luke's like, 'I know this girl.' We worked with her and we got a friendship since then," he said.

"She's rad," Motte added. "The success she had with 'Tik Tok' was amazing."

As of now this collaboration with Ke$ha is the only guest appearance on the album, which comes out in June. But the guys note that they're open to inviting other artists into the studio.

"It's nice to work [with friends], like when we worked with Katy Perry [on 'Starstrukk']," said Foreman.

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