Miley Cyrus Says She And Liam Hemsworth 'Just Vibe' In 'Last Song'

'The first day, we both knew it was going to be a great summer,' she says of filming with now-boyfriend.

[movieperson id="441942"]Miley Cyrus[/movieperson] says she has no reservations about her fans, family or friends checking out her kissing scenes with real-life boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in [movie id="423507"]"The Last Song."[/movie] In fact, she's more nervous about what people will think about her performance in the movie than their opinions about the couple's onscreen chemistry.

"That doesn't make me nervous more than 'I don't like what I did there in that scene' [or] 'I don't like what I was wearing' [or] 'I don't like the way my body looks' or something," Cyrus told MTV News about the flick, which opens Wednesday (March 31). "That makes me more nervous — when people are staring at me. All of my friends know Liam and love Liam."

Cyrus has her mom, Tish, to thank for that last bit. The elder Cyrus, as an executive producer on the film, was active in casting an actor to play Miley's onscreen love interest, Will. "She narrowed it down to four or five people. The first time I read, I was running late to work anyway — I had to go to 'Hannah Montana.' I wasn't really thinking about it. I didn't really remember anyone," she recalled.

"Then I went back for the second reading, when it was down to him and another guy," she recalled. "He was just so respectful and had such a good energy, and that's mainly why he did the role so well. He very much is like Will."

As far as their chemistry goes, Cyrus said that as soon as the cameras began rolling, she knew they had that "it" factor. "I think the first day, we both knew it was going to be a great summer," she said. "I think when you just vibe with someone, you know your energies connect, and it just happens — usually right in the beginning."

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