Justin Bieber Talks Girls, Family, Fame On 'The View'

'I just try and take one day at a time,' he says of his meteoric rise to fame.

NEW YORK — Justin Bieber made history on "The View" as the first guest to make two appearances on the show in the same week. On Monday (March 22), not only did he perform a new track from his new album, My World 2.0, which comes out tomorrow, he also sat down with the ladies to talk about his meteoric rise to fame and how he takes his family on the road with him.

"I just try and take one day at a time. It's been an amazing roller-coaster ride. My mom usually travels on the road. My grandma's with me today," he explained. "Usually I have a tutor, but this is release week so everything is crazy. I miss being able to go and hang out with my friends, but this is an amazing experience."

While Bieber fans lined up outside the studio to try and catch a glimpse of the pop star, inside the audience was full of older women who traveled across the country probably more to catch a glimpse of the show's hosts than Bieber himself. Yet they kept their energy high for the teen phenom.

This summer he'll be hitting the road for his tour and admitted that having his mom by his side at all times isn't always that easy. "You know, not a lot of 16-year-old boys are with their mom, so we bump heads sometimes. But we have the best relationship," he said, adding that it's easy for him to avoid temptations. "I have the greatest team with me and my mom's on the road — I don't want to let her down."

And when he wasn't dishing to the ladies about his career, he was laughing at a YouTube video of him when he was 12 singing Aretha Franklin's "Respect." In a shot of him not shown on the show, he laughed at the footage and whispered to himself, "Oh my!"

Citing girls as the inspiration for his new album, he even revealed his celebrity crush, other than Beyoncé. "You know, I'm into people ... like Barbara Walters," he joked.

He later took the stage, complete with guitar player and backup singers, where he displayed some Michael Jackson-esque dance moves and belted out an acoustic version of his song "Never Let You Go."

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