Dakota Fanning Revels In Rebellion In 'The Runaways'

The normally well-mannered teen says she enjoyed acting out as rock star Cherie Currie.

Dakota Fanning is perhaps one of the most well-mannered, hardworking and ambitious teens in Hollywood. But playing rock legend Cherie Currie in her new flick, "The Runaways," opening Friday, gave her the chance to get a little defiant, even if it was for the big screen.

"I definitely can relate in the fact that we're both 15, and we're both doing what we love to do," she told MTV News on the red carpet of the New York premiere of "The Runaways," where Fanning sparkled in a nude-colored dress by Elie Saab.

But age is where their similarities begin and end, Fanning said. "She was in the music industry and I'm acting. But also, it's such a different time, and growing up in 1975 and growing up today is so different," she explained. "Cherie kind of grew up with no restrictions or rules, kind of figuring it out for herself. It's kind of different for me. I will never get to have that experience, so I kind of got to have it through the film."

Currie herself agreed that while Fanning has a much better grasp on fame than she did, she's still a great rebel in the movie. "I just don't think they could have found anyone better [to play me]. She nailed it. I'm her biggest fan," Currie said. "Dakota has her stuff way more together than I ever did. She handles fame beautifully. To her, it's just another day."

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