Jessica Simpson Says She's Not 'Wild' Enough To Join Smashing Pumpkins

'I don't know that I can stand onstage and represent Billy the way he is,' singer says.

Jessica Simpson recently worked with Billy Corgan on her new song "Who We Are" — so is there any chance that Simpson could become a member of Corgan's band the Smashing Pumpkins in the future?

"I don't know that I would be a good addition to the Smashing Pumpkins," she joked. "You gotta be a little bit more wild and crazy."

She admitted that perhaps her image isn't a right fit for Corgan and his group. "I mean, I have some crazy moments in my life or things about me, but I don't know that I can stand onstage and represent Billy the way he is," she added. "He does that fine on his own."

Despite their differences, Simpson regards Corgan as a "dear friend" and shared that he was a great help to her when she recorded her latest track. "I asked him to help out with arranging the song," she explained. "And he had some ideas to change it up a bit musically and some really cool arrangements and some great guitar things."

Simpson said that working with Corgan really taught her a lot. "To be able to sit with Billy [is a learning experience], and I always feel comfortable with him 'cause he is a close friend of mine," she said. "And I know he had my best interest at heart and it was great to be able to collaborate with him and to have him there in the studio."