Justin Bieber Thinks Aziz Ansari's 'Baby' Parody Is 'Hilarious'

'I loved the video,' Bieber says about Ansari's Funny or Die offering.

"Parks and Recreation" star Aziz Ansari's alter ego Raaaaaaaandy has declared war on [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist]. In a Funny or Die video, he claims that Bieber stole the song "Baby" from him, and Raaaaaaaandy sits down to dish all about the day that Bieber (played by a sort-of look-alike) stopped by his studio, heard Raaaaaaaandy's "Baby Baby" and then later released his own soundalike tune "Baby."

"Two months ago I was in the studio, working on the Raaaaaaaandy mixtape, and Justin Bieber stops by ... what happens next?" he teased, before continuing with his tale.

"That's real nice, man," Fake Bieber tells Raaaaaaaandy before shooting him and telling him to keep his mouth shut until he releases his own version of the hit track. Bieber trashes Raaaaaaaandy's studio and leaves Raaaaaaaandy a message not to mess with him. As it turns out, the real Justin Bieber finds the whole video pretty hilarious.

"Yeah yeah yeah! I saw it! It was hilarious. I loved the video," Bieber told MTV News. "He did a great job and the so-called Justin Bieber in the video was hilarious."

And while Bieber gives a big "maybe" to collaborating with Raaaaaaaandy in the future, Ansari has made it clear on his Twitter page that he's serious about getting Bieber back for the plagiarism. "Swear I just saw 12 yr old with a doo rag ... messing w/my car. Brakes might get cut," he joked. "#BiebersAfterMe."

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