Jessica Simpson Praises Women She Met In Morocco

'These women were so beautiful to me. They basically just spoke to you through their eyes,' Simpson said of her new show 'The Price of Beauty.'

Morocco was just one of the stops on [artist id="1245169"]Jessica Simpson's[/artist] world tour for her new VH1 show, [article id="1633976"]"The Price of Beauty,"[/article] on which she examines just what makes women beautiful. Although she traveled all over the world to places as distant from her native Texas as Uganda, Morocco was one of her favorite destinations. There, she says, she found the secret to beauty: meditation.

"I loved Morocco. I had a blast in Morocco," she explained to MTV News. "And these women were so beautiful to me. They basically just spoke to you through their eyes. And the culture, it was breathtaking [with] all the colors."

"It was very spiritual. All the prayers that they say ... they really just know themselves," she continued. "And I think that's important for a woman. I think that we all need to spend alone, quiet time in meditation and in those spiritual moments. You can discover so much about yourself."

She may have found some sense of peace in Morocco, but Simpson explained that through her travels, she also had to confront her fears, something she says has given her the [article id="1633979"]ability to face anything[/article]. "I view the world very differently," she said. "Everything's not as big of a deal as people make it out to be, and that's a really great place to be in. I know there's nothing that anybody can say about me that will take me to a very low place, because I am stronger."