'Iamamiwhoami': Is Swedish Singer Jonna Lee Behind Viral Campaign?

Her management denies involvement, but some eagle-eyed fans beg to differ.

Back in January, amid much speculation to the contrary, a rep for [artist id="509026"]Christina Aguilera[/artist] denied that her client had anything to do with the ongoing "Iamamiwhoami" viral campaign, telling MTV News: "It's 100 percent not her ... not sure why people think it is."

And yet, despite that denial (and a second one issued just last week), Aguilera's name kept being mentioned in connection with the maddeningly complex campaign, even as mysterious packages were sent to MTV News and more and more Iamami videos were released.

But on Sunday, with the debut of the seventh Iamami clip, all that speculation may finally be over. We might finally know the person responsible for the engrossing (and pretty gross) viral campaign: [artist id="2571666"]Jonna Lee[/artist], a singer/songwriter from Sweden.

In a lengthy post on celebrity-obsessed LiveJournal community Oh No They Didn't, a pair of keen-eyed readers noticed the similarities between Lee and the muck-smeared heroine of the Iamami video series — the nose, the teeth, the eyes — similarities no amount of masking tape (which our heroine covered herself in for the latest vid) could hide. Also strangely similar is an electric organ seen in the new video, which also makes an appearance in a "making of" clip for Lee's latest album, and Lee's backing musicians, who look very much like the guys featured in the newest Iamami video.

And given all those similarities, it seemed like the mystery was finally solved. Only, perhaps it isn't. Because Lee's music only bears a passing resemblance to the ethereal, downright eerie electronic stuff being unveiled in the viral videos (her latest single, "Something So Quiet," is perhaps the closest match). And, according to her management, she has nothing to do with Iamami.

"If Jonna is involved in this, we have no knowledge of such," Jamie Jaffe, who works for Lee's North American management team, Philadelphonic, told MTV News in an e-mail Monday (March 15). "The only upcoming projects we are aware of are the development of her third album and her upcoming SXSW performances."

Then again, from the sound of things, Lee is working on a new album, and MTV News' e-mails to her Swedish label, Razzia, seeking comment were not returned. So there's still nothing official to report. But for the first time since the Iamami campaign began in December, we might actually be getting close to figuring this whole thing out.

Do you think the Iamamiwhoami mystery has been solved? Let us know your theories below!