Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' Video Gets Reactions In Grand Central Station

'It's just awesome,' one fan tells MTV News about Lady Gaga's new clip for 'Telephone.'

While fans continue to comment online about Lady Gaga's new video, the epic "Telephone," which premiered on Thursday, MTV News caught up with people in Grand Central Station — which, of course, is name-checked in the song — to get their reactions.

"I think she's a really amazing artist," Marsha Johnson said. "Her style is obviously off the wall and very different, which is great, especially for the young ladies of today. If I had to say I had a very favorite part of the video ... all of it! It's just awesome."

Inez Sisak agreed, saying the video is "very lively, a lot of color and a lot of fun. It looks like you want to be in the video yourself!"

Joanna Arpie echoed those statements, saying, "I don't expect anything less from Lady Gaga. It's really weird and it's cool. She's sort of dancing in a jail and doing weird things, and the costumes are crazy. It's entertaining. It's weird, but it's what I expect."

Mark Larson said he felt a bit confused by aspects of the clip. "She's kind of doing her own thing," he said. "She seems a little scared to be comfortable with her glamour, so I think she tries really hard to get out there to mask her own insecurities. But that video is kind of out there: I don't get the sandwich deal, but it was a cool video."

However, Jess Wachtel had a more cynical view of the nearly ten-minute long video. "Looks like Beyoncé and her put together a video to sell some records," he said.

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