'Eclipse' Trailer: Five Burning Questions Answered

What's up with Kristen Stewart's hair, for example?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's "Eclipse" trailer has arrived, and with it only more anticipation about the film, which doesn't arrive in theaters until the end of June. With another three months to go until then, we know you'll be poring over the footage again and again. Here are answers to five questions you might have after that first viewing.

What's Up With Kristen's Hair?

The first thing you might be wondering is why Kristen Stewart's hair looks a bit strange. The reason is that after finishing work on "New Moon" in May, Stewart chopped off her locks for her role as '70s rocker Joan Jett in "The Runaways." Shooting on that biopic wrapped last August, just weeks before the start of "Eclipse." To maintain continuity with Bella Swan's appearance in "New Moon," Stewart was forced to don the wig you see her wearing in the "Eclipse" trailer. Some might say the do looks oddly similar to the wig Taylor Lautner had to wear in "Twilight."

What Happened To Victoria?

Just over a minute into the trailer, we get a glimpse of the film's central villain: Victoria. But that's not the Victoria we know from "Twilight" and "New Moon." That's because last July, only weeks before "Eclipse" was due to begin filming, Bryce Dallas Howard replaced Rachelle Lefevre in the role she'd played for two movies. "I was stunned by Summit's decision to recast the role of Victoria for 'Eclipse,' " the actress said in a statement.

"It was actually a really unfortunate circumstance where the actress who everyone really cared deeply about, who has done an amazing job in this role, was unavailable," Howard told MTV News late last year. "They were looking for someone to fill that slot. It was right before production actually happened, so of course there was intimidation there and feeling a huge responsibility to do my best."

How Is A Human Turned Into A Vampire In The "Twilight" Universe?

A key driving point in "Eclipse" is the question of whether Pattinson's Edward will turn Bella into a vampire. "Why are you so against me becoming like you?" she asks at one point in the trailer.

Edward's answer is that he knows the consequences of becoming a vampire, in that immortal bloodsuckers do not age, while all their loved ones eventually die. Also, there's the matter of how a human is transformed from a human into a vampire. The answer is that it's unbearably painful. The process begins when a vampire pierces a human's skin and releases venom from his glands into the human's bloodstream. For days on end, the venom courses slowly through the human's veins, burning ferociously as it travels and eventually causing the heart to stop pumping. It would be no easy task for Edward to inflict such pain, nor would it be easy for Bella to willingly invite it.

Why Is Everyone So Scared Of Victoria?

Why, because of her army of newborn vampires, of course. See, freshly converted vamps pose a potent threat, as they're often uncontrollably vicious killers. Victoria has been going around Seattle slaughtering humans and building a legion of newborns. Victoria on her own is a danger that Edward and his crew could likely face. But Victoria and an army of out-of-control vampires? That's serious cause for concern.

What, No Werewolves?!

The first "New Moon" trailer blew fans away with its first glimpse at the transformation of Lautner's Jacob Black from human to werewolf. But if you were hoping to catch some more shape-shifting action in the "Eclipse" trailer, you'll be disappointed.

Yet have no fear! "Eclipse" is set to feature a slew of wolf battles. You don't think Jacob and his crew are going to walk away from a fight with Victoria's newborn army, do you? And besides, it's hard to complain about a lack of a hirsute Jacob when the trailer delivers what you really want: the dude flashing those famous abs.

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