‘Paranormal Activity’ Star Micah Sloat Talks Sequel ‘Director Drama’

'It's not going to suck, which most horror sequels you would imagine would,' he insists.

The rumored list of directors Paramount has in line to succeed Oren Peli as the director of “Paranormal Activity 2″ includes Brian De Palma, Brad Anderson and Greg McLean, but one of the first movie’s stars, Micah Sloat, won’t tell if he knows which one has the best shot.

“Paranormal Activity” earned Peli a nomination for Best First Feature on Friday night (March 5) at the Independent Spirit Awards , but Sloat offered a vote of confidence that whomever receives the franchise next will be up to the task.

“I know a lot I can’t tell you,” Sloat told MTV News. “It’s really interesting — the whole director drama with the ‘Saw [VI]‘ director [Kevin Greutert]. That’s been public.”

Greutert had the green light to helm “Paranormal Activity 2″ before Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures enforced an obligation in his contract to return and direct “Saw VII 3-D.” Without an official replacement, all Sloat would share was how much he expects “Paranormal 2″ to live up to its breakout namesake’s legacy.

“All I can tell you is that I’m very excited for the project,” Sloat said. “It’s really cool. It’s gonna be really interesting, and it’s not going to suck, which most horror sequels you would imagine would.”

As a low-budget indie film, “Paranormal Activity” overcame a lot of odds to get a wide release in 2009 — two years after it first screened. Its reported 434,000 percent return on an initial $15,000 investment put it in the record books for profitability, but the pressure will be heavy on “Paranormal Activity 2″ to emulate that success on a larger scale.

“We have money now, but we’re staying true to the heart of the movie, to the spirit of it and to the vision,” Sloat explained.

How that vision gets treated will depend greatly upon who sits in the director’s chair, whether Paramount picks a modern film legend like De Palma or takes risks with a big payoff in mind like Peli did and chooses an up-and-comer.

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