'Alice In Wonderland' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

Before checking out Tim Burton's latest, you have a very important date with these fun facts.

The Red Queen might be fond of saying, "Off with their heads!" but this weekend, Tim Burton is saying, "On with the show!" bringing Lewis Carroll's classically chaotic world of Wonderland to the big screen in glorious 3-D.

Before you grab your tub of popcorn, slip on those glasses and chug the bottle that says "Drink Me," make sure you take a look at our must-see cheat sheet to learn the inside dish and mystery surrounding one of the year's most highly anticipated films.

Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dazzle

Ever since Tim Burton got the gig, fans have been clamoring to see how the visually innovative filmmaker would bring Wonderland to life. Last summer, MTV News did a shot-by-shot analysis of the trailer. When Johnny Depp and Burton took to the Comic-Con stage last summer, audiences were as mad with glee as the hatter himself. Burton proudly referred to the film as a "freak show" after he showed the audience a teaser trailer, as only the creator of "Edward Scissorhands" and "Mars Attacks" could.

Cast Talks Wonderland

Since Burton's presentation at Comic-Con, we've learned more details about the cast of knowns and unknowns. Newcomer Mia Wasikowska, who plays the teenage Alice, recently sat down with MTV News and admitted she felt a lot of pressure while tumbling down that rabbit hole.

Depp, meanwhile, is celebrating 20 years of beloved lunacy alongside co-collaborator Burton, and when it came time to make "Wonderland," he blindly accepted any role the director wanted him in. In fact, he joked to us that he even would have played Alice. In fact, he took on the Mad Hatter, a role that rendered him almost unrecognizable under makeup, a giant hat, a gap tooth and a whole bunch of tea and crumpets.

Burton gave us the scoop back in the day that the caterpillar — now named Absolem — would definitely be appearing as his iconic self, and after viewing this pic, we understand why he fits in so well with the Burton aesthetic. That little guy sure looks like a creeper.

Depp and Burton: A 20-Year Bromance

This year marks the 20th anniversary since Burton directed Depp in "Edward Scissorhands." The former razor-fingered thespian told us at the film's London premiere that when Burton calls, he says "yes" immediately. "Alice in Wonderland" marks the seventh film the two have made together, and Depp told us that one of the reasons they love collaborating is that the two old friends always have a blast on set.

Speaking of having a gas of a time, we recently asked Depp about the worst idea his frequent director has brought to him, and Depp remembered a pair of stinky "Sleepy Hollow" horses. Suffice it to say, it's the only time Johnny knew he was working on a Burton stinker but kept shooting anyway.

In the years since Depp and Burton first teamed up, the world's sexiest man sure has changed — although he isn't any less eye-pleasing for the ladies. As many have said over the years, the duo speak their own secret language that only they can understand — and that's the way they like it. Hey, whatever the dudes are doing, it sure is working for them.

When these two get together, the sky's the limit — but can "Alice" make "Avatar" dollars? If there's one thing we've learned from Wonderland, it's that anything is a possibility.

A Tale of Two Queens

It's no surprise that sweetheart Anne Hathaway would play the so-called nice White Queen and that edgy Helena Bonham Carter would play the evil Red Queen, but according to them, it's not that clear-cut. Take a look at this scene involving Alice and the White Queen, and you're likely to marvel at Hathaway's magical skills — and those crazy eyebrows. But she still got off better than Red, who is fond of screaming, "Off with his head!" and has three times as big a head as any of those that she decapitates.

Music to Our Eyes

With artists like Avril Lavigne on the soundtrack, Burton's "Wonderland" is sure to rock as Alice rolls around from adventure to crazy adventure. Lavigne, Prince Charles, Sharon Osbourne and the film's stars came out recently to celebrate the London premiere of the flick.

Unsurprisingly, Johnny Depp got a huge response from the fans, but with all the talent involved in this film, there certainly was a lot to look at. This weekend, the same can be said for Tim Burton's latest eye-pleasing pop-culture pastiche.

Check out everything we've got on "Alice in Wonderland."

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