'Jersey Shore' Cast Go Jaywalking On 'The Tonight Show'

Perhaps not surprisingly, The Situation, Snooki and friends did not know many of the answers to Jay Leno's questions.

Jay Leno continued his streak of major celebrity bookings on his re-booted "Tonight Show" Wednesday night when the cast of "Jersey Shore" swung by to play a round of "Battle of the Celebrity All Stars: Jersey Shore Edition." It was the second go-round for the kids — they visited Leno's ill-fated prime-time show in December for a similar bit.

This time, it was the guys versus the girls, as Sammi Sweetheart, J-Woww and Snooki took on Ronnie, Pauly D and The Situation. Asked why she has two w's in her nickname, J-Woww leaned forward to emphasize the bursting-at-the-seams top of her skintight silver dress and smiled, "double the pleasure!"

Despite the recent high-profile death of author J.D. Salinger, when asked what the last word in the title of his legendary first novel is, Snooki answered, "The Catcher in the ... Closet." Ronnie slapped his forehead and correctly answered "Rye."

The men were on a roll, as Pauly correctly guessed the final bit of the quote "we have nothing to fear but ... fear itself." And he was, hopefully, kidding when he said it was his mom who coined that infamous phrase. Snooki corrected him and said "Uncle Sam," only to be saved by J-Woww, who correctly guessed President Franklin D. Roosevelt after a hint from Jay.

J-Woww, however, did not know who Federal Reserve boss Ben Bernanke is, incorrectly guessing that the photo Leno showed her was of the president of Iraq. The Situation knew it was "the guy from the banking industry" whose name begins with a "b," eventually nailing the answer.

Explaining that he doesn't own any stocks, Ronnie had no idea which two animals symbolize the stock market. Snooki gamely guessed the donkey and the elephant, while J-Woww went with tiger and leopard and Sammi guessed lion. "Ohh! I got one right," she cooed. "No, you just named an animal," Leno corrected her, revealing the bull and bear as the correct answers.

When The Situation complained that the questions were way harder the second time around, Leno shot back, "You're making more money now!" Mike had a game guess for who becomes president if both the vice president and president die — he said secretary of state, which is wrong — but Ronnie was way off when he guessed "the guy that lost ... that came in second place, the runner-up." But sadly, that wasn't anywhere close to the correct answer, yet still way ahead of Sammi's shot, "the wife of somebody." Ronnie tossed a brick on his second shot after getting the hint that it's a woman. "Sarah Palin," he said. "Not so much," Leno lamented, naming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

It wasn't all bad, though, as Snooki correctly named Ireland as the place where St. Patrick's Day celebrations started, even if Sammi complained that because she's Italian she didn't need to know what St. Patrick drove out of Ireland. Ronnie figured it was some kind of car, Sammi guessed leprechauns, and Snooki went with donkeys again, before Sammi finally got to snakes, but only after she named bears and lions.

Things got ugly when Jay asked the cast to name the 49th and 50th states in the union, with Ronnie going with Hawaii and Puerto Rico, J-Woww guessing Mexico, and Sammi saving them with Alaska. You can't totally blame her, but J-Woww mistook a picture of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il for Chinese action star Jackie Chan. Mike knew it was something "Il" from one of the Koreas, which was close enough for a point.

Pauly thought a picture of Barbara Walters was actually Joan Rivers, but the girls knew it was Walters with Katie Couric. Even the gimmes were tough, as nearly all shouted out "Messiah!" when asked who wrote Handel's "Messiah."

"Don't ever go to Vegas," Leno warned them.

Ronnie got a lay-up when he correctly guessed John McCain on another photo quiz, but it helped that the background of the picture had the former Republican presidential candidate's name written on it. "I can read," Ronnie said.

Pauly thought a Homo sapien bar is a gay bar, but even that blown answer wasn't enough to block the men from winning the contest 7-6 over the ladies.