Bun B Talks Pimp C Tribute With Jay-Z

He also gives it up for French Montana: 'If you know French Montana, that means you been somewhere.'

NEW YORK — [artist id="3174235"]Bun B[/artist] gives all the credit to [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist] for their onstage tribute to [artist id="1318358"]Pimp C[/artist] earlier this week in Houston. During a stop of the Blueprint 3 Tour in H-Town, Bun joined Jigga for "Big Pimpin'," and the two let the crowd recite the late Pimp C's rhymes.

"It was Jay's tribute," said Bun, who was in NYC on Wednesday night filming the video for French Montana's "Bad Habits." "I don't want anybody to get it twisted. Jay-Z was a very good friend of mine and Pimp C. He makes sure every time he comes to Houston, it's a big thing, and we can really give it up to Pimp. He doesn't want to do it for himself, and it's not about giving me shine. At the end of the day, we have to make sure in Houston, when that song is performed, at the end of the day, Pimp C gets the biggest moment. The biggest moment was when everybody in the audience and ourselves had to give it up to the Pimp."

Bun sees the close kinship he shared with Pimp in French Montana and incarcerated MC Max B.

"French knows everybody," Bun said about why he wanted to work with one of the newest signees to Akon's Konvict Music. "If you know French Montana, that means you been somewhere. French is everywhere. All the big parties, all the cities, Super Bowl, All-Star Weekend. Whenever somebody got the fly release party or some celebrity debutante has the big birthday party, French is in the building. I respected that about him. I met him in Miami, I was like, 'I like your grind. You getting out here. You not just representing for yourself, but for your man Max B. as well.' For me, to see somebody hold their man down while they're locked up, to me, that's special. I guess I'm a little bit biased."

French's video is for a track from his mixtape Mac Wit Da Cheese II. Montana's debut LP is slated to be called Excuse My French. Meanwhile, Bun has gone back in the lab to work on his next LP, Trill O.G.

"Unfortunately, we're going to end our relationship with Asylum," Bun explained of his Rap-A-Lot distribution deal.

Bun does credit executives at Asylum, such as Joie Manda and Todd Moscowitz, for "success in later years."

"The Warner Bros. building is changing a little bit, but we have some good friends at Fontana Music as well as Universal," he said. "It's looking like we may do that. While J. Prince and the big people are taking care of the paperwork, making sure the money is right, it's giving me a chance to go in, fine-tune the music and work with people I thought I wouldn't be able to work with on this album. Now I have the opportunity to go back in. I told [J.] that wherever he wanna go, I'm riding with him."