Is Lil Wayne Leaving Twitter Already?

Rapper threatens to quit after negative feedback on his philosophical tweets.

Less than a week after officially joining Twitter, it looks like [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] may now give up on the micro-blogging service. He sent word on Thursday (February 25) that he's going to stop using Twitter because the feedback led him to believe his messages weren't wanted.

"Gunna stop with the tweets now that I see they're so unliked," Wayne wrote. "It's a mirror of my thoughts, and obviously my thoughts aren't [welcome]. Sorry."

The rapper has only posted 18 times so far, but the sporadic tweets have been a mix of testing the waters and cryptic dispatches that are as loaded as his rhymes.

"Love is a road without signs, yet we still drive bekuz we kan only imagine what's ahead," he wrote on Wednesday.

While the Cash Money Records superstar's presence on Twitter has been supported by many — he already has over 172,000 followers — it appears he's been reading responses to his tweets that aren't very flattering.

Comedian Lil Duval has joked about the rapper's philosophical tweets at Wayne's expense. "I just found out Lil Wayne has a Twitter," he wrote. "I just read his page, and I don't have a clue bout what he's talking 'bout."

Duval then started the hash tag #LilWayneDeepTweets.

"When walking thru a path we see................the road," the comedian wrote, mocking Wayne's style.

Other Twitter members then followed with an array of imitated Lil Wayne tweets. "I stood outside," the 305 wrote. "Does that make me outstanding?"

But Wayne's fans have rallied with #weezydontleave. "You got me up at 3.30AM," DorinaFbaby, a fan from Australia, wrote. "Barely awake beggin you to stay!"

Next week, the rapper is expected to be sentenced to one year in prison after reaching a plead deal in his 2007 gun case. Wayne pleaded guilty to attempted gun possession and was set to begin his incarceration earlier this month, but a judge allowed a postponement due to dental surgery Wayne needed. Last week, he underwent

eight root canals in one day.

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