Joe Jonas Appears In New Vampire Weekend Video

'I had a really great time and would definitely do it again,' Jonas Brother said of shoot for 'Giving Up the Gun.'

[artist id="1349827"]Joe Jonas[/artist] makes an appearance in the new Vampire Weekend video for their song "Giving Up the Gun," which also features actor Jake Gyllenhaal and rapper/producer RZA. The Wes Anderson-esque clip was directed by the Malloys, who have worked with the Jonas Brothers in the past, and centers on a female tennis player whose skills are just too good for guys like Gyllenhaal and Jonas to beat.

"I had a really great time and would definitely do it again," Jonas told MTV News. "We played a little tennis and had a lot of fun. We got a chance to hang, and they are great guys."

Jonas not only got to hang out with the band, he also kept a memento from the shoot. "Don't tell them, but I stole the headband from the video. Can't wait to see another show of theirs. They are very talented and I love the new record," he added. "They all have a great sense of humor."

When the video was released, Joe shared a similar sentiment with his fans on Twitter. "Go check out the new Vampire Weekend Video for 'Giving Up The Gun.' I'm in it! Had a great time shooting with the guys."

When Jonas isn't making cameos in indie rock videos, he's busy back on the set of his Disney show "JONAS." And he recently made it clear that he'd like to pursue a career in acting. He tweeted about being back to work on the show, writing, "What an amazing 1st week of filming! I absolutely love my job & all of u 4 making this experience possible. I hope season 2 rocks ur socks."