Beyonce Gets 'Crazy' With Lady Gaga In 'Telephone' Video

'It's gonna be so crazy,' B tells Tyra Banks of the stars' second video together.

Though Lady Gaga and Beyoncé's "Telephone" video still doesn't have an official premiere date, info about the clip is slowly but surely making its way to the fans. Last week, Gaga gave fans a glimpse of what she will look like in the video, and B recently dished about the clip when she stopped by "The Tyra Banks Show."

"I am such a huge fan of hers. We just filmed her video two weeks ago in Los Angeles, and it's gonna be so crazy," said Beyoncé, who also worked with Gaga on her clip for "Video Phone." "I don't want to give too much away because I don't want her to be upset, but it's a part two of 'Paparazzi.' She's just so smart and she's becoming an icon in her own right."

Beyoncé also said she was going to Brazil to shoot the video for Alicia Keys' "Put It in a Love Song." She told Tyra that she loves working with other powerful women.

"I actually leave today and go to Brazil. ... I'm going there to work — I am finishing my last leg of my tour. I'm filming a video with Alicia Keys there," she said. "I'm so excited to work with women. I'm a girl's girl, so to show that women who are successful can support each other and have a good time, I'm just so happy to bring that message across with Gaga and Alicia Keys. ... I learn something from all these ladies."

Gaga recently revealed the cover art for the "Telephone" single, which is due out on March 2, on her Web site. It features a photo of Gaga wearing a hat made from a telephone and a picture of a Sasha Fierce-mode Beyoncé.

There still very few details about the "Telephone" video available. We know that part of it will take place at a diner and that at some point Beyoncé breaks Gaga out of jail. "We die in [the video]," Semi Precious Weapons lead singer Justin Tranter said of his band's cameo. "And I think that's probably all I'm allowed to tell. ... And, I think, what people have already talked about: It's very Tarantino-inspired, sort of like violent melodrama glamour."