Lil Wayne Parties, Films Videos During Last Weekend Before Jail

After filming 10 upcoming clips before the Super Bowl, Weezy partied with friends and colleagues before his upcoming sentencing.

Lil Wayne got the most out of Super Bowl weekend, spending two days working around the clock and enjoying the big game on Sunday before having to report for his jail sentence on Tuesday. According to a source close to his camp, Weezy shot around 10 videos over the weekend — five on Friday and five on Saturday. The productions were rapid-fire, with Weezy shooting some videos in front of a green screen and some on location.

Miami's Marlin Hotel served as the backdrop for the "Da Da Da" clip.

"It was crazy," said Plex, of Wayne collaborators ¡Mayday! "They was trying to re-create, spin off of 'The Streets Have No Name' by U2 — the one where they were performing on the rooftop and people start gathering around. [Wayne's video] was doing something parallel to that on the rooftop of the Marlin. They had helicopter shots and all."

Boxing contender Sugar Shane Mosley made a cameo appearance.

"It was a whole mess of people. I didn't notice who was there, but I saw Shane because I'm a big fan. Then, you know, the whole Cash Money/ Young Money clique was there. A few NFL players were there. It was crazy. [The video] was set up like a reality show. They followed us out of the tour bus, up the stairs and then we jumped on the stage and started playing. It was fun, man." ¡Mayday!, who back Wayne up in the "On Fire" video, also shot a clip for "Get a Life."

So with visuals for those songs in the can, Wayne enjoyed watching his hometown New Orleans Saints take the championship from the Indianapolis Colts at Super Bowl XLIV. Afterward, Weezy was the guest of honor at a farewell party at Miami club Dolce. Drake, B.G., Nicki Minaj, Bow Wow, Wale, the Birdman and more were among those who came to see Weezy off in style.

¡Mayday! were the house band of the night at Weezy's request.

"They called us during the Super Bowl and said, 'We want you guys to rock tonight,' " Plex explained. "I had to cut my Super Bowl party short and go get my gear."