Taylor Swift Backlash: Readers Weigh In

MTV News readers react to 'Why You Shouldn't Hate On Taylor Swift' article.

On Tuesday, MTV News published an article titled "Why You Shouldn't Hate On Taylor Swift" in response to what appears to be a budding backlash against the singer, judging from various articles and comments on our articles in the wake of four wins at the Grammy Awards and her uneven performance on the show. Unsurprisingly, that article has also gotten a lot of comments, many of them in defense of hating on Taylor Swift.

Judging from the comments, it appears that there are a whole lot of folks out there who feel Swift didn't deserve to win her Album of the Year Grammy on Sunday night for a whole lot of reasons, most of which opine that Swift's live performances can't match the majesty of Gaga's Warholian exploits or Beyoncé's otherworldly contortions. Or, conversely, she only won because of industry-wide sympathy for her ... or even due to an apparent conspiracy against Gaga. We got comments in support of Swift as well.

Below are some of the most interesting comments, lightly edited for grammar and content, and please note that the opinions expressed therein are those of the commenters, not MTV News. But don't think the debate has to end here. If you want to have your voice heard, sound off in the comments below.

And now, we turn the floor over to you:

"This article is exactly what annoys me the most about Taylor Swift, she is portrayed as a victim we are supposed to feel sorry for. Her boyfriend broke up with her; poor Taylor. Kanye interrupted her; poor Taylor. She has an awful performance on TV and people criticize her, how dare they; poor Taylor. She is an adult worth millions of dollars, with buckets of awards, she doesn't need my sympathy." (Anne)

"Personally I agree with this article. What artist doesn't have a bad performance? If I recall, Fergie did much worse than Taylor. Listen to some of her other live performances, they are astounding, people need to get over their jealousy just because she is a living a dream everybody else desires. I would take an awful singer who writes their own lyrics over a dip who couldn't be creative." (Aaron)

"Taylor did not just have an off-performance. Almost all her live performances are bad.I will give her credit for being a teenage girl who writes songs about teenage life that other teenagers (and some adults) love, but I truly do not get the critical acclaim. Gaga is the most exciting thing to happen in the music industry in YEARS and her album and songs have been at the top of the charts for the past year. She also writes her own songs, and happens to be SUPER talented. After that mezmerizing performance with Elton John, a Best Album award for her would have just been the icing on the cake. Shame on you Recording Academy voting members!" (Melkush77)

"Taylor Swift's atrocious performance before her 'stunning' win is nothing short of irony at its finest. Why shouldn't we hate on Taylor? Seriously MTV ... I can't believe you're standing behind this girl as if she has even the slightest ounce of talent. The fairytale/princess junk is getting old and we're sick of it. The day Taylor puts out a decent (yes, just decent) LIVE performance is the day she may get some staying power." (Jade)

"The haters are more vocal but there are plenty who don't feel that way. I think it's obvious that the top honor should have gone to Lady Gaga, but Taylor is a sweet, talented girl, I don't see anything to hate. Whatever. Gaga's not stressing it, she got her trophies. It's all good, or it should be." (MidnightMonsoon)

"We're just sick of being lied to by the music industry. That's why there is a backlash 'cause people now know this has been another well-executed con-job. No more awards for fakery, please." (Belmonts)

"I completely agree with this article. Taylor has done nothing wrong. She handles things with way more maturity than girls her age do, even girls in similar situations who are older aren't as professional as her. Sure she didn't do amazing at the Grammys ... but honestly? She did really well. She's only human, just because she seems like she has the perfect life doesn't mean she really is perfect!! She deserves every award she has gotten and every opportunity she's gotten. ... I hope she continues to do as well as she's been doing, she deserves it. she's worked hard to get where she is." (Sigi)

"The industry expertise demonstrated in many of these comments is mind-blowing. Little did we know that so many people around the world — critics, musicians, writers — had been so totally fooled by this one skinny blond! And to think that she got away with selling almost 10 million albums in just two outings over the last three-and-a-half years. Obviously, the attendees at all of her sold-out concerts haven't been blogging enough to give the rest of the world the heads up on what so many of the commentators here already know ... pop music today is a world of pedantry and flamboyant self-absorption, reflecting the worst aspects of its target demographics." (Spook)

"Taylor is amazing. Period. She's obviously winning all of these awards for SOME reason. You can say that she can't sing all that you want, but it's not true. If she couldn't sing, then why would she be winning Grammys and CMA Awards, which are both voted on by professional musicians? Taylor is amazing live. I have seen her in concert twice, and both times she was unbelievable. She puts on a great show. She has admitted herself that award shows are her weak spot. ... It is unfair for people to be criticizing her for this. I just don't get it. Taylor is absolutely amazing, and I will be a fan of hers forever and always." (TaylorSwift13)

"It's not backlash, a lot of people have not liked her music ever since she came on the scene. I have always seen her for what she was, which is the new Debbie Gibson. She writes simplistic, vapid songs, which she can barely sing. How someone looks, who they are dating, all factor in into someone's success when youth is involved. It seems like severe backlash has befallen Taylor now only because the Grammys bestowed their highest honor on an album that is clearly not deserving to MANY people. It was fine if she was winning Teen Choice Awards or People's Choice awards, but an award supposedly about substance being given to an album with the same song repeated 12 times is too much to stomach for some people, so they've taken to the Internet with their disgust." (Micdus)

"While I may not be a fan of her music, I have a lot of respect for Miss Swift. From the fact she writes her own songs to the very important fact she is not a skank. If I had a teenage daughter, I would hope they would choose to be more like Taylor Swift vs. Shakira, Lady Gaga and Brit Brit. Talent and class always rises above un-talented trash." (ConcertConfessions.com)

"Great article. Haters are just mad because Taylor Swift outsold all their favorite artists combined. She's not good live, that's it. But she has the BEST ALBUM out of all the nominees. Keep hating, losers, you can't bring her down now. She won the Grammy for Album of the Year. The biggest award in music went to her." (Jenny)

You've read what a lot of readers think — what do you think of the Taylor Swift backlash? Sound off below!