Pussycat Dolls Are 'Supportive' Of Jessica Sutta's Solo Career

'I was always in the shadows of Nicole, so I think it's the chance for me to come out,' former PCD member tells MTV News.

Since the [artist id="1841713"]Pussycat Dolls[/artist] announced their hiatus last year, fans have been waiting to hear what changes might be coming to the group. Well, Jessica Sutta is the first Doll to announce her next move, and she said she's ready to pursue a solo career.

On Thursday, Sutta announced her exit and said she has the blessing of the Dolls to step out on her own. "They were really supportive of me," she told MTV News. "It was a big decision, but it was the best decision."

Now that she isn't in a group with four or five other ladies, Sutta said she can be her own woman. "I think I was always in the shadows of Nicole, so I think it's the chance for me to come out," she said of frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger. "And I'm showing my alter ego, which I'm really excited about, which is kind of a theme to my album, which is really rad."

Sutta will also try her hand at another aspect of the musical process: songwriting. "I'm really excited about my solo project," she said. "I've been working with my friend ... and I've actually been writing. I didn't get a chance to write on the Dolls albums, and I just found out I can write, which is really cool. So my music is really upbeat. You can put it in your ears and drift away which is really fun."

PCD founder Robin Antin told MTV News last month that fans could expect some "new faces" in the group after their hiatus.

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