Nick Jonas Calls Selena Gomez Romance Rumors 'Flattering'

He also talks about his Taylor Swift cover during solo tour: 'I noticed that Taylor started following me [on Twitter] after I played her song.'

Nick Jonas has spent January on the road with the Administration, and with a week and a half left on the trek, he's just finding ways to keep himself focused and fit before he wraps it up to start shooting his Disney Channel show "JONAS."

"I actually was just at a baseball training facility here in Milwaukee, just trying to keep active and get ready for next season," Nick told MTV News from the road. "I don't really like to work out at a gym or anything. Finding other ways to [stay in shape] is fun for me."

Nick's dedication to staying active might be the reason he's felt so good during the tour. "Thankfully, I've been healthy so far on this tour. I've been praying every day it stays that way," he said. "As far as being on the road, what's great is that every show is different and every venue is different, and because it's so new, it just all feels brand-new to me."

In addition to busting out tunes from the Administration's February 2 release, Who I Am, as well as a Jonas Brothers song or two, he's included covers of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus hits.

"I really haven't heard from them directly," Nick said of the two songstresses. "I noticed that Taylor started following me [on Twitter] after I played her song, which is cool. ... I think they're great songs and I'm just happy to throw them in there and play them in the set. I think a great song is a great song at the end of the day."

During one of his shows at the Beacon Theater in New York, he was joined onstage by his brothers. "Having Kevin and Joe up there was amazing. I got caught in the moment and wanted to share that moment with them. I didn't tell them, and we sang a song called 'Please Be Mine.' ... They came out and played it, and the crowd responded well."

Although he's been getting lots of buzz for his shows, he also had everyone talking when Selena Gomez stopped by to visit him during his time in Chicago. Everyone was wondering if the exes had gotten romantic, but Nick doesn't let any of the rumors get to him. "I think that when it comes to things like that, I enjoy the show, I enjoy the time that we have together and let them do their thing and I'll do mine, I guess," he said.

"[It's] not so much a surprise," he continued about the rumors. "The thing that's kind of funny to me is the fact that I'm still very young, and as far as a relationship, it's kind of young stuff, and people being interested in that is funny to me, but it's all good. It's flattering, and that's how you have to look at it."

Nick Jonas will be giving MTV News exclusive updates every week during his solo tour! We'll also have loads of our usual Jonas Brothers coverage, so check back regularly!